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What Are Dynamic Interactive Documents?

Maximize every interaction, your way.

So, what are dynamic documents? 

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. That being said, an
interactive graphic could mean millions for your company. Money, not
words. If your company offers customer documents with appealing visuals, a level of interactivity, and personalization, then it covers three vital events in every customer touchpoint: the moment the customer sees the document, their absorption of information, and their mode of activity in reading the document.

The future of customer document production is in highly interactive documents, the most functional and dynamic we can foresee. Currently, customer communications are one-way, and companies are still obtaining a limited understanding of who they serve. Ultimately, if they can view current levels of document interactivity as precedent to this, and continue to build on it, a two-way conversation can be achieved.

Leverage existing data to give your customers control of their documents

When documents connect with your data systems, it opens up a new plane of interactivity between you and your customers. Dynamic documents leverage this in every way, giving you the ability to deliver communications according to all of their needs and preferences.

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