Withstanding an Uncertain World: How to Future-Proof Your AP Process

Presenters: Major Bottoms, Jr. (Levvel) | Marlon Davis (MHC)
Thursday, September 30, 2021 | 1:00 PM CT | 45 Minutes

With talk of returning to the office on again, then off again, it’s difficult to know what to prepare for in the future. We no longer assume everyone will be ‘returning to the office’ as we once knew it to be.

Having been so focused on weathering the pandemic waves that we haven’t had a chance to think about what changes are permanent and which are only temporary. Through all of this, organizations must figure out how to ensure their workflow remains uninterrupted, particularly when it comes to their accounts payable processing.

What if there was a way that you could protect your AP process and workflow? Manage it from any location, and be free of outages and interruptions?

Levvel has learned a lot about how COVID has impacted AP teams. You might have experienced some frustrations, only exacerbated by the limitations COVID created for us:

Eliminate tiresome manual data entry and inefficient processes

Move beyond the antiquated invoice to payment matching process
Avoid the pain of lost or missing invoices

Discover what other parts of an AP employees’ day have been negatively affected by COVID. And find what solutions MHC has to offer to make sure you’re never caught flat-footed again!

MHC and Levvel Research have teamed up to share the state of accounts payable processes before, during and following a pandemic with new findings you won’t want to miss. Hear how your business can not only rebound quickly but improve and even ‘future-proof’ your AP process for years to come. Join us – your future awaits!

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