Webinar: Winning & Grinning Through 2021 with Employee Self-Service

Winning and Grinning Through 2021 with Employee Self-Service banner

Presenter: Kyle Hartung, MHC Software

Think about the times when you’ve done your own taxes, whether through TurboTax or even attempting it yourself. As soon as February 1st hits, the search is on in mailboxes across the nation as people check for the envelopes carrying W2s and other documents they need. Or how about trying to refi or purchase a home? Digging up the required documentation can be the most daunting part of the process.

Whether this describes you today or in the past, most if not all your employees experience the stress of requesting and obtaining their documents every year. They may be on the inside scrambling to provide documents to everyone who needs them, or they’re on the flip side stressing about if and when they can get the paperwork they must have. The common denominator around employee documents is stress.

Our presentation shares how you can: 

Look at the real-life stresses your employees feel from the pains of document processing

Feel the fist-bumps of success when employees are supported by Document Self-Service (DSS)

See firsthand how DSS is the help you need for today’s real-life document challenges

​​​​​​​If you have employees and colleagues who could stand to save time, avoid errors, and improve morale thanks to digitizing employee paperwork, this presentation was designed with you in mind.

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