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Top Trends Impacting Accounts Payable in 2024 and Beyond

Top Trends Impacting Accounts Payable in 2024 and Beyond_Web Banner

Wednesday |January 17th | 12-1 PM CT
Presenter: Mary Schaeffer, Founder and Publisher of AP Now

Change, and radical change at that, is coming to accounting and finance space. It is coming faster than anyone thought just a few short years ago. The accounts payable function is likely to be the first casualty-or success, depending on your reaction. By identifying the trends that are apt to make the biggest impact and addressing them quickly, you can position both yourself and your department to emerge as a true winner.

But what are those trends, you ask? We asked industry thought leader Mary Schaeffer to identify these trends and share insights on how you can prepare for what’s shaping up to be a very interesting, but different, future for those who work in, manage or have responsibility for the accounts payable function.

  • Identify the trends most likely to impact your position and department
  • Take full advantage of those tactics most likely to have a positive impact
  • Recognize the trends most probable to appeal to management and prepare
  • Acquire new skills that will make you desirable to both your current and future employers
  • Develop strategies to adjust to the expected changes

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MARY SCHAEFFER – Founder & Publisher, AP Now

Mary Schaeffer, AP Now’s Founder, has been creating content around the AP function for 20+ years. This material takes the form of a twice-a-week free ezine, a weekly podcast, a YouTube channel, a monthly newsletter, a variety of courses for accountants and AP professionals, and numerous webinars. 

She served on the Business Payments Coalition and Federal Reserve’s Remittance Delivery Assessment Work Group and is currently a member of Nacha’s ACH Network Advisory Panel. Schaeffer has been named a Top AP Influencer for the last three years by the prestigious AP Association, a global organization headquartered in the UK. She also received the Well-Being for Others award from them in 2021 and was named Top AP Influencer in 2022.

She has a BS in Mathematics and an MBA in Finance. Before founding AP Now, she worked in corporate finance and treasury for three large multi-national companies.

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