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Prepare for 2022 Year-end Tax Document Processing

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Tuesday | November 29 | 12-1 PM CT
Presenter: Kyle Hartung, MHC Customer Success Account Executive

As a valued customer, this one’s just for you!

Don’t wait! You will blink and it will be January. Your inbox will look worse than your desk and you will be lost in thought wondering how to approach tax season differently next year to avoid the unneeded additional stress and tiresome long days.

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Take control and join this webinar to learn different ways to gain time back. MHC offers solutions built to help our customers simplify the creation and distribution of your tax documents that can be used individually or together to meet your business needs.

Learn three ways to approach simplified tax document delivery this year.

Create and print your own tax documents

Allow employees and vendors access to an online self-service document portal

Completely outsource your tax document processing (take it off your to-do list entirely!)

Our recommendation combines approaches. By implementing an online self-service document portal, it will reduce costs and provide a benefit to your employees. However, even the smallest print quantity can create manual burdens that exhaust time, money and resources when you need it most.

Something must give! If you are overwhelmed with year-end responsibilities and the addition of tax regulatory deadlines, a great way to get time back is to go digital and outsource any remaining print processing. Provide us your ERP/CSV output file via secure methods and MHC takes care of the rest!

Reduce paper and distribution costs by delivering tax documents electronically to your employees and vendors, especially when your address book may no longer be up-to-date given significant employee transitions.

For the documents you must print, eliminate the need for special printing hardware & infrastructure, including but not limited to commercial printers, folders & sealers, equipment maintenance, and postage meters.

Be hands off! We also procure the tax forms for you eliminating the need to order and inventory document stock which includes pressure seal forms and all envelopes for cut sheet forms

Reduce in-house overtime associated with physical job of printing, folding, stuffing

Kyle Hartung

KYLE HARTUNG, MHC Customer Success Account Executive

Kyle Hartung has 20+ years of experience helping organizations leverage technology to improve their procure-to-pay and payroll business processes and achieve their business goals. With previous roles that span from product support and onsite implementations to customer success, Kyle has dedicated his career to helping organization with their digital transformations.

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