MHC Team Shares Five Presentations at Virtual User Exchange

The Virtual User Exchange is back on August 6th for its second installment. The MHC Team participated along with other industry, and automation experts for a fully-online event featuring over 100 presentations.

At the event, our team shared five presentations to the conference of nearly 1,000 attendees. All are available below to view on-demand.

Fill the Gap, with Scalable, Efficient Cloud Solutions
It’s not only the right time, it’s about the right size solutions and closing the gaps. Take your Infor ERP to the next level with scalable, efficient, cloud solutions.

Journey to a cloud-based, multi-tenant SaaS platform
Join as a leading Infor Partner shares the excitement, innovation, and challenges of building a next-generation, multi-tenant SaaS platform.

Making magic with Infor CloudSuite and MHC
No more illusions, smoke or mirrors. See real solutions that can add power and performance to your Infor CloudSuite.

Embrace automation to elevate content management
Now is the time to do more with less. Extend your reach to capture content, manage and distribute it to run your business within your Infor ERP.

Customer Success Story: The key to a “Healthy” ERP
A case study shared by Denver Health showcasing how their hospital has used MHC Software to stay nimble and flexible in a hyper changing world.

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