Webinar: Lessons Learned About Business Continuity After 2 WFH Days

Presenter: Gina Armada, CEO, MHC Software
Wednesday, April 15, 2020

COVID-19 has flipped our work lives upside down. Kitchen tables and home living rooms now resemble desks and workstations. Kids and home school consume the daytime, while everyday work has moved into odd hours of the night. Video conferencing and flexible hours are the new norms, and employees are more independent than ever before. Many have been challenged by these unforeseen changes. We are thankful at MHC that our employee base could switch to remote support for our customers within a matter of hours given the type of work we do. Some industries are not so fortunate.

We have been learning, and adapting. Quickly. As all of you are. Despite the fact that we support over 1,000 customers with software and services to streamline communication, digitally manage information and automate processes and we talk about digital transformation all the time, this COVID-19 pandemic has opened our eyes to truly see how even the subtlest paper-based business processes can dramatically impact remote work environments.

Our webinar covers business continuity tips, observations and lessons learned – including input from us, our customers and other best practices to keep up in the digital world.

As organizations across the globe continue to adapt, we’re all learning better ways to increase the resiliency of our business continuity plans.

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