Webinar – DIY: Give Employees Control with Easy Self-Service Tax Documents

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Tuesday | February 22 | 12 pm CST

Is this you? You are responsible for creating and distributing the company W-2s and 1095s and meeting the tax deadlines. Now another tax season has arrived and with it, another year of headaches and manual processes. Not to mention being forced to go into the office during a pandemic surge, simply to make sure employees receive their tax documents on time. As you struggle to get those W-2s and 1095s out, you just KNOW there must be another way.  

That’s where MHC comes in. Don’t let another year come and go without the benefits of MHC Document Self-Service to allow employees to easily access their own tax documents! 

For you – never again:  

Spend hour upon hour fighting with a printer

Suffer endless papercuts while stuffing envelopes

Field constant calls from employees asking to get their W-2s early or to get reprints

For your employee: 

Easily access your W-2s anytime, and sooner than if they are mailed

Know that your sensitive documents are not ‘somewhere in the mail’, but safe and secure

Not have to wait for HR’s response when reprints are required

You’ve experienced the challenges and how frustrating this time of year can be. So while the wounds are still fresh, promise here and now that you’ll make the change. Find out how MHC Document Self-Service can make your document delivery challenges a thing of the past; while you and fellow employees benefit from DIY and self-service! 

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