Webinar: Sharpen Your Focus – Gaining True Visibility into your AP Process

Presenters: Marlon Davis and Matt Knutson
Wednesday, October 27, 2021 | 12:00 PM CT

Scan, capture, submit… but then what???

The AP invoice process can be murky. So often, the process between hitting that button and receiving your final approval remains a mystery. Especially given the number of invoices making their way through the system. As the AP Manager, you always wonder: Who is it with? Who am I waiting on? How long until my vendor can expect payment? Have we hit any snags? To evaluate and improve your invoice process, you have to know where the bottlenecks occur or what is creating the delays.

Yet, it’s 2021 and no solution yet offers at-a-glance visibility into your AP process.

That’s no longer true.

MHC has a solution that will shed some much-needed light on those blind spots that hinder your day-to-day invoice processing flow.

View, monitor, and manage all your invoices from end-to-end using:

Role-based dashboards

View unprocessed invoices by due date

Ability to assign tasks within the system

If you’re eager to lift the veil of ambiguity surrounding your AP process and to make sure your vendors are paid on time, every time… this webinar is ready to provide some much-needed clarity. 

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