WEBINAR: Fraud Prevention: Techniques to Reducing the Probability of Fraud in Organizations

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Tuesday | August 23 | 12 PM CT
Presenter: Rocco Lueck, Professor, D’Youville University

Organizations lose money to fraud every year. Many organizations focus exclusively on fraud detection techniques, but few try to utilize fraud prevention strategies. This webinar will highlight why it is important for organizations to concentrate on fraud prevention. The webinar will also demonstrate the importance of having fraud policies in an organization, and how not having them could cause disruption to the success of preventing fraud.

What you will take away from this webinar:

  Understand and recognize the essence of fraud.
  Define and explain why fraud is committed.
  What constitutes a fraud prevention program.
  Which elements exist in an organization culture that supports the prevention of fraud.

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Rocco Lueck


Dr. Rocco Lueck, Assistant Professor at D’Youville University’s Department of Business Administration, develops and teaches courses in Economics, Financial and Managerial Accounting, Financial Management, and Corporate Finance. With a focus on foreign direct investment, employment, and macro-policy recommendations, Dr. Lueck has presented his work at various academic conferences and has published research relating to international economics and policy.

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