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Customer Stories of Change and Agility to Achieve Compliance Through Communications

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Wednesday | September 20th | 12 PM CT
Presenter: Gina Armada, CEO of MHC

Attaining the Win-Win-Win and Meeting the Requirements of Today and Tomorrow

Whether you are in a highly regulated industry or not, compliance can be a challenge for any organization. There is no room for failure when it comes to compliance, and the need for reliability and agility in your day-to-day processes is paramount to a stress-free work environment. Join MHC’s CEO, Gina Armada, for this interactive discussion to learn how several organizations created the triple win environment for customer compliance communications – a win for the organization, its customers, and its employees.

This session will:

  • Discuss what compliance means to you
  • Examine why compliance matters in communications
  • Highlight common compliance challenges
  • Share cross-industry compliance stories and how to prioritize a win-win-win result

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Gina Armada is the Chief Executive Officer for MHC, offering over 24 years of experience leveraging technology to deliver business solutions and generate value for customers. Gina leads MHC in consistently delivering intelligent workflow and content automation solutions that organizations can rely upon to streamline their operations, optimize productivity, and increase engagement with customers. Gina worked at Accenture until she joined MHC in 2008, serving in multiple roles until she was named CEO in 2019. In 2021, she was awarded the Aragon Research 2021 Women in Technology Award for CEO

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