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AP Automation is Now a Necessity: Getting Leadership Onboard

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Wednesday | February 15 | 12 PM CT
Presenter: Mindi Cain, AP Manager at Briggs Industrial Solutions

We all know automation is necessary. Automation not only saves time and money, it improves accuracy. But how do we convince our leaders that automation is necessary when they don’t fully understand our processes and compliance? How do we help our leaders understand that automation doesn’t mean we get to lay off the entire team? 

Accounts payable professionals are the frontline workers. There is no one better to demonstrate the value that automation will bring to your company and how that automation will benefit the bottom line without laying off employees. So how do you get there? Join us for a guide on how to convince key stakeholders to buy into an automation solution that will benefit everyone.

During this presentation, you’ll learn how to:

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Map your process

Gather benchmarking metrics

Gauge the temperature of your leaders 

Build an ROI that speaks to your leaders’ concerns

Involve key stakeholders

Make your pitch

Mindi Cain Headshot

Mindi Cain, AP Manager at Briggs Industrial Solutions

She has over 20 years of experience in multiple industries as an AP professional. She currently leads a team of seven people and is passionate about process improvement and is committed to training AP professionals to perform, using best practices. Mindi earned her BA in Business Administration from Milligan University. She is pleased to serve as Vice President of the Texas Chapter of the Institute of Finance & Management. She also serves as a member of the IOFM Advisory Panel and is a Certification Trainer for IOFM. In this capacity, she provides certification candidates an understanding of best practices and fosters a commitment to accuracy and compliance.

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