Webinar: 12 Ways Your Business Will Benefit From Going Paperless

Presenter: Kyle Hartung, MHC Software

Each year, U.S. offices print out more than one trillion sheets of paper. In many cases, the printed documents are stuck in a file and never looked at again. When office workers do reference printed materials, they usually spend a significant amount of time tracking documents down. Then it’s up to them to return it to the proper location where others can hopefully find it in the future, but that doesn’t always happen.

The office of the future is meant to be paperless. Environments that are no longer confined by walls, where files and documents are stored digitally, where they can be accessed from almost anywhere. Going paperless is what lies ahead and empowers businesses to reduce their environmental footprint, improve office organization, streamline workflows, and advance business continuity.

Watch and understand many of the positive changes your company can see once it makes the switch to a paper-free workspace, along with some tips to get started.

Our webinar will cover: 

Reasons why businesses continue to hold on to paper-based processes, and how to change today

How to improve invoice processing with a remote workforce and benefits of going completely paperless

Available solutions and how you can provide customers, vendors and employees safe access to the digital documents they need, anytime, from any location

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