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Your seat is waiting! Gather together with business leaders just like you as MHC experts host helpful webinars that cover all topics related to the automation solutions you seek. Our webinars are a great way for you to see firsthand how MHC software works in real business applications, plus each webinar is available on-demand once you register. Get your access pass today! 

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Presenter: Mary Schaeffer, AP Now
April 19, 2023

You and your team have put a lot of work into getting all parties on board for your new automation program. Don’t blow it by making a silly mistake, one that could have easily been sidestepped with just a little bit of planning. You’d be surprised just how often this happens. That’s why MHC recruited Mary Schaeffer, founder of AP Now, to put together this special program to make sure you don’t fall into any of these easily-avoidable potholes. We want your program to be a success.


Presenter: Rocco Lueck, D’Youville University
March 29, 2023

What are companies doing to recruit accountants to their organizations? What are companies doing to retain accountants in their organizations? This webinar will share some valuable insights.


AP Automation is Now a Necessity: Getting Leadership Onboard
February 15, 2023

We all know automation is necessary. But how do we convince our leaders that automation is necessary when they don’t fully understand our processes and compliance?


3 Ways AP Can Help Businesses Weather an Economic Storm
January 25, 2023

Economic storm clouds are gathering in 2023. Join us for this webinar as our speaker Mark Brousseau shows you how AP can help a business thrive and succeed, no matter the economy.


Prepare for 2022 Year-end Tax Document Processing
November 29, 2022

Don’t wait! You’ll blink and it’ll be January. Take control of tax season and join this webinar to learn different ways to get your time back. Learn three ways to approach simplified tax document delivery this year.


Leading Teams to AP Automation Success
November 8, 2022

Learn how high-performing teams lead to effective implementations, the characteristics of high-performing teams and team development models to increase team cohesiveness.


5 Trends Accounts Payable
Leaders Must Know for 2023 

October 27, 2022

In 2023, five trends will accelerate the transformation of the Accounts Payable profession. Join us and for this webinar as our speaker  Mark Brousseau reveals the the dangers of being caught unprepared. 


Your Organization’s Payments
Might Cost More Than You Think
September 21, 2022

Late payments. Inefficient processes. Human errors. To get your organization on the path to success, Lynn Larson, a B2B payments veteran, provides a broad perspective of what comprises P2P processes.


Class is in Session: Graduate to Advanced Accounts Payable by solving AP’s biggest challenges
September 14, 2022

School is back in session and today’s class is being taught by Brian Rosenberg. Graduate to the head of the AP class as Brian dives into some of the biggest challenges AP departments consistently face.


Fraud Prevention: Techniques to Reducing the Probability of Fraud in Organizations
August 23, 2022

Many organizations focus exclusively on fraud detection techniques, but few try to utilize fraud prevention strategies. This webinar will highlight why it is important for organizations to focus on fraud prevention.


How to Use Metrics and KPIs
to Improve Your P2P Processes
July 26, 2022

Discover how to determine the right numbers to measure and how to translate that information into action within your department. Explore examples of commonly used metrics in P2P departments.


AP Automation – Your Tool
to Survive the Great Resignation
June 23, 2022

The Great Resignation. Record numbers of employees are voluntarily quitting their jobs, leaving skyrocketing labor costs and staffing shortages in their wake. Here’s how AP automation can help you survive!


Overcoming the 5 Largest
AP Challenges
May 24, 2022

AP departments face many challenges to their success. Watch Brian Rosenberg talk about strategies based on his hands-on experiences in transforming AP operations and paving the way to modern AP.


Duplicate Payments: How to Protect Against This Growing Problem
April 26, 2022

We asked AP Now’s Mary Schaeffer to take a deep dive into duplicate payments and what steps every organization needs to take to protect itself from this accounts payable problem.


How to Boost Profitability by Transforming Critical Customer Communications
April 12, 2022

Watch Aspire Founder & CEO Kaspar Roos and MHC CEO Gina Armada discuss how to transform operational communications to meet the needs of staff and customers.


DIY: Give Employees Control
with Easy Self-Service Tax Documents
February 22, 2022

Find out how MHC Document Self-Service can make your document delivery challenges a thing of the past; while you and fellow employees benefit from DIY and self-service!


Seeing is Believing:
MHC NorthStar in Action
February 16, 2022

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So how many words will you have after a live-action demo of MHC’s next-gen solution, MHC NorthStar?


Kick Start Your Accounts Payable
for 2022
December 15, 2021

As we step into each new year, we make resolutions to be our best selves. We have 4 ways you can transform into your very best AP self in in the coming year


Here Comes the Sun! How Your P2P Can Recover from a Stormy Year
December 9, 2021

With no true end of these inclement conditions in sight, what can your P2P team do to get ahead of the weather and coast into 2022? Join the webinar to learn more. 


Ease the Burden of Year-End
Tax Processing with DSS

November 17, 2021

Starting to look at the calendar and count down the days until April 15th? This webinar can give you some peace of mind. Find out how easy tax processing can be with MHC!

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