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Your seat is waiting! Gather together with business leaders just like you as MHC experts host helpful webinars that cover all topics related to the automation solutions you seek. Our webinars are a great way for you to see firsthand how MHC software works in real business applications, plus each webinar is available on-demand once you register. Get our access pass today! 


Here Comes the Sun! How Your P2P Can Recover from a Stormy Year
December 9, 2021

With no true end of these inclement conditions in sight, what can your P2P team do to get ahead of the weather and coast into 2022? Join the webinar to learn more. 

Easy Year-End Tax Document Delivery with Self-Service - Webinar - Social Media


Ease the Burden of Year-End
Tax Processing with DSS

November 17, 2021

Starting to look at the calendar and count down the days until April 15th? This webinar can give you some peace of mind. Find out how easy tax processing can be with MHC!


Sharpen Your Focus: Gaining Visibility Into Your AP Process 
October 27, 2021

If you’re eager to lift the veil of ambiguity surrounding your AP process and to make sure your vendors are paid on time, every time… join our webinar.  


Withstanding an Uncertain World: How to Future-Proof Your AP Process
September 30, 2021

MHC and Levvel Research have teamed up to share the state of AP processes before, during and following a pandemic with new findings you won’t want to miss.

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It’s THAT Time! – Prepare for 2021 Year-End Tax Document Processing
September 29, 2021

Our webinar will address what you need to know and should be thinking about to get ready for the 2021 year-end. Here are the changes you should expect!

Transform Your Typical AP Work with Intelligent, Error-Less Data Webinar Social Media


Transform Your Typical AP Work with Intelligent, Error-Less Data
August 25, 2021

Does your Accounts Payable team spend much of its workday manually entering data- the details of an invoice, a purchase order, or other transactional documents?

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Confessions of an AP Manager: Removing the Work You Hate
July 21, 2021

Take a seat on our therapist’s couch. MHC’s webinar is here to prescribe the cure for these action items you’ve come to dread in your day-to-day work life.


Easily Organize Important  Docs While Working From Anywhere
June 23, 2021

See how MHC document management system could be the best way to resolve all your document organization issues.   


Making The AP Automation Business Case To Your Leadership Team
May 25, 2021

Find out 4 key points to help you make a persuasive pitch to capture management’s attention and showcase you as a leader. 


Turning Procure-to-Pay from Pain to Power through Automation
April 21, 2021

MHC eliminates the pain points in your P2P process through the power of automation. Join the webinar and fin out more. 


Money Talks: Say “Success” by Improving Your Payment Processing
March 24, 2021

Money is more than just currency, it’s a form of communication between your business and other vital contributors to your company

Winning and Grinning Through 2021 with Employee Self-Service banner illustration


Winning and Grinning Through 2021 With Employee Self-Service 
February 17, 2021

Turn the headaches of employee document processing into hive-fives as this webinar reveals you the way. 

Why Everyone is Obsessed with AP Automation in 2021 illustration


Why Everyone is Obsessed With AP Automation in 2021
January 26, 2021

2021 will be the year of automation, as more companies than ever before embrace AP Automation. Here’s why. 


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