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Wish you knew more about the hot topics in your industry or how others are addressing challenges that you’re facing? You’re not alone! That’s why MHC regularly presents webinars led by experts in your complex and constantly evolving field. Join our thought leaders for in-depth conversations about industry trends and challenges, cost-saving solutions, and other hot topics that will keep you up to date on the latest happenings. Each webinar is also available on-demand. Sign up today! 

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Mary Schaeffer, AP Now Founder and Publisher
May 10th, 2024

Everywhere you look, there are stories about AI and how it will impact our lives and the business world. Many of these stories are filled with gloom and doom. Tyler Perry canceling an $800 million studio expansion, deepfakes of the worst kind of Taylor Swift, and ethical concerns over the use of AI in all sorts of applications. Is it really the end of the world as we know it today? And more importantly, is this the end of the accounts payable, accounting and finance functions?

We don’t think so and we’ve asked Mary Schaeffer to join us and help sort the wheat from chafe, or the reality from the hyped-up fiction. We invite you to join us for an informative look at this important issue revolutionizing the business community.


Mastering Supplier Relationships to Optimize Payments
April 18th, 2024

Sign up to see Treasury Webinars’ Earnie Humphrey discussing how to master supplier relationships to optimize payments. Discover 7 bottom-line impacts from supplier management done right!


Infor Customers: How to Leverage AI to Create Efficiencies with your Invoice-to-Pay Process
April 11th, 2024

Sign up to see MHC’s Solutions Director, David Leonard, discussing how to leverage AI to create efficiencies with your invoice-to-pay process.


A Guide for Choosing a Cloud-Based AP Automation Solution that will Enhance Productivity and Visibility
March 27th, 2024

Sign up to see Mark Brousseau discussing how to choose a cloud-based AP automation solution that will enhance productivity and visibility.


Performing Anti-Fraud Audits in Purchasing and Accounts Payable
February 28th, 2024

Sign up for MHC’s webinar and discover Xcel Energy CFO, Marna Steuart’s insights on performing anti-fraud audits in Purchasing and Accounts Payable.


Top Trends Impacting Accounts Payable in 2024 and Beyond
January 17th, 2024

Sign up for MHC’s webinar and see AP Now’s Mary Schaeffer discussing the top trends impacting Accounts Payable in 2024 and beyond.


Prepare for 2023 Year End Tax Document Processing
November 29th, 2023

With the 2023 year-end tax document processing just around the corner, join this webinar to learn different ways to save yourself time and stress!


Best Practices to Protect Your Inbox From Fraud
November 22, 2023

Your IT team’s email filters don’t block all fraudulent emails. Join MHC’s webinar featuring Debra R Richardson and learn how to keep your company’s inbox protected from fraud!


Fight AP Payment Fraud with the Right Controls
October 31, 2023

No organization is too big or too small to be a fraud target, so join B2B payments expert Lyn Larson and MHC for a webinar on how to fight AP payment fraud!


Customer Stories of Change and Agility to Achieve Compliance Through Communications
September 20, 2023

Join MHC’s CEO, Gina Armada, at Xplor 2023 and learn how several organizations created the triple-win environment for customer compliance communications.


Taking Your AP Function One Step Beyond Best Practices
September 14, 2023

AP is constantly changing. Merely employing recognized best practices is no longer enough. Join our webinar to learn how to streamline AP in 2023 from Mary Schaeffer!


Modernize Your Oracle ERP:
AP Automation Solutions

August 23, 2023

Oracle and MHC have partnered to help your organization’s AP department thrive. Join our webinar to learn how to optimize your operations for the foreseeable future and modernize your Oracle ERP!


Managing your FinTech Fear: The Future of Automation, AI, ChatGPT
July 20, 2023

Should Accounts Payable and finance professionals have a fear of FinTech? If so, why? If not, how can they make technology advancements like ChatGPT their best friends? Find out today!


Critical Ways Treasury and Accounts Payable Should Collaborate
June 27, 2023

Join us for this webinar as experts from the Elire and MHC teams discuss how Treasury and AP can intersect to help each other reach shared strategic initiatives.


Why Automating AP is a
Win-Win for the Oracle

June 20, 2023

Join our webinar to learn how MHC strengthens operational efficiencies in healthcare. MHC integrates seamlessly with Oracle to help you be more efficient!


Boost Accounts Payable Productivity Using Cost-Cutting and Operational Efficiency
May 31, 2023

Join MHC and Mary Schaeffer and learn about the many new ways (and some overlooked older ones) to boost the productivity of your accounts payable processes!


AP Automation Success in 2023 – Avoid These 10 Simple Mistakes
April 19, 2023

Please join Mary Schaeffer and MHC for an in-depth conversation on 10 factors that can separate a successful AP automation software implementation from a disastrous one.


More Than Hype: Using Virtual Cards to Expand Invoice Payment Options
May 3, 2023

Join MHC and B2B payments veteran Lynn Larson to find out all about virtual card payments – how they work, what benefits they offer, and what challenges they might bring.


Recruit & Retain Top Talent in a Competitive Labor Market
March 29, 2023

What are companies doing to recruit accountants to their organizations? What are companies doing to retain accountants in their organizations? This webinar will share some valuable insights.

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