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In June 2019, Vanguard Systems joined the MHC family, working to help you meet the ever-evolving needs of your business. Now, Vanguard Systems will officially be known as MHC. You’ll still have access to the same customer service that you love and the same creative solutions that support you, your customers, and your future—just under a unified brand.

Want to learn more? See how these changes are shaping MHC’s plan to bring better, bolder enterprise solutions to you.

We’re your complete source for enterprise content management, accounts payable systems, and other automation solutions. With our suite of applications, you’re empowered to streamline your business and provide your teams with a quick, easy-to-use way to monitor and track every task.


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Need a better way to manage all of the documents flowing through your business? With MHC IMS: 

Cut down on data entry times with smart document data extraction.

Get support for your compliance initiatives by digitizing your records, designating user access levels and more.

Enjoy easy e-document management that lets you access documents from your business application software or through our powerful Document Explorer.

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Automating Your Business Guide

Want to learn how automation can improve your workflows and processes and how you can implement it in your business? 

The Key to Digital Transformation

Let us will walk you through the importance of digital transformation for today’s business processes.

If you have questions, you can still reach us through all of our usual channels. For tech support email or call 800.445.1418 and for Elite email us at or call 610.891.7703

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