Procure-to-Pay Management

MHC’s procure-to-pay solutions provide instant visibility to help you manage cash more effectively, reduce administrative spend, improve communication and optimize decision-making

Streamline Procure-to-Pay Processes

Procure-to-pay processes (P2P) include requisitioning, purchasing, receiving, invoicing and paying for goods and services. Given the data complexity, transaction volume and large number of people involved in those processes, there are common challenges faced by large and small organizations alike.

Solve Common P2P Challenges


Reduce delays in the procure-to-pay process and take advantage of early payment discount opportunities.


Incorrect data perpetuates issues and duplicates efforts. By implementing the right P2P solutions, your team can reduce errors because they no longer need to manually key in data or jump from system to system, which reduces productivity — further perpetuating errors in the process.

Compliance Issues

Maintain compliant practices with defined workflow rules and visibility into the entire P2P process. Compliance teams can report on all activities and interactions, both internally and externally.


Internal and external miscommunications can cause a negative impact to the bottom line. Reduce miscommunications by integrating and automating the P2P process even if you have disparate enterprise systems involved in the process.

Lack of Visibility

A lack of visibility into the entire P2P cycle is a major problem for many organizations. MHC’s solutions directly integrate with your enterprise systems to provide one-click interactions, where you can drill into supporting documents and data with ease.

Extra Expenses

Reduce expenses by automating procure-to-pay processes with MHC’s enterprise solutions. Reduce the time spent processing payments, purchase orders, invoices and more and take advantage of early payment discounts. The opportunities for cost savings are limitless!

Key Documents & Transactions

Leverage turnkey solutions that are flexible enough to meet the precise needs of your organization. From outbound documents and transactions automatically created and distributed, such as purchase orders and AP payments, to documents and transactions captured as they are received, MHC enables real-time access to information.


AP Invoice Automation Solution Overview

Increase Productivity for All Users


  • Controlled process for requisitions
  • Automate and enhance approval process with visibility
  • Ability to attach and retain supporting documentation, such as bids & quotes
  • Submit payment requests online when invoices do not exist


  • Controlled process for POs
  • Ability to request additional information and view full requisition details
  • View/attach supporting documents
  • Retrieve packing slip images with one-click
  • Upload and view contracts & agreements
  • Visibility into PO/invoice line issues


  • Upload receiving documents
  • Validate purchase orders
  • Better manage split shipments

Requisition & invoice approvers

  • Approvers follow a standardized process
  • Validated general ledger coding
  • Automated, electronic approvals
  • Visible supporting documents
  • Audited actions

Your vendors

  • Receive clear, concise PO documents electronically
  • Are paid faster via ACH
  • Minimize their calls and emails into AP
  • Can leverage vendor document self-service to view agreements, POs, 1099s, payments and more

AP processors

  • Decrease data entry with OCR-powered capture
  • Electronic routing and approval
  • Auto-generation of payments
  • Electronic payments based on vendor setup
  • Electronic remittances show exactly what is being paid
  • Reduce late payments and increase discount opportunities


Get to Know MHC

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