Employee Document Management

Designed to automate enterprise communications with human resources and payroll document solutions

Better Manage Employee Communications

Imagine a year-end tax process where your team can seamlessly handle the distribution of tax documents integrated with your ERP, HCM, or enterprise systems—including those pesky reprints!

Comprehensive Enterprise Solution

Self-Service Access

People value transparency and clear communication from their employers. They also appreciate the ability to manage how they want to receive information. Electronic self-service document delivery solutions increase engagement with employees and other personnel while internal departments simultaneously meet productivity and compliance goals.

Manage Compliance

Online self-service agreement functionality enables organizations to deliver personalized documents (e.g., teacher contracts, physician agreements, wage notices) or enterprise-wide documents (e.g., policies, compliance notices) in a completely paperless manner while tracking individual user acceptance or acknowledgement actions.

Paperless & Automated

MHC turns manual, paper-based processes into efficient electronic forms with built-in data validation designed for use throughout your organization to capture content and generate transactions automatically.

Limitless Documents

Choose the documents and content services you need. From outbound documents and transactions automatically created and distributed to documents captured as they are received, MHC enables real-time access to information.

Manage Employees

Manage both active and inactive employees simply and efficiently with MHC’s employee lifecycle document management solutions. Active and inactive (retired, terminated, or on leave) employees can expect greater access to their documents while internal staff reduce phone calls and administrative burden.

Seamless Integration

MHC integrates with leading ERPs, human capital management, and payroll systems including Infor, Oracle, Workday, Microsoft, SAP, and many more to optimize employee communication and document lifecycle processes. Solution packages are tailored to the needs of each customer so that organizations choose only the functionality they need. 

365° Visibility for HR, Benefits and Payroll Teams

MHC’s content management solution for HR, benefits, and payroll teams is designed for one-click interactions, easy use for training new team members, and complete visibility into all employee documents and communications. Empower your employees, managers, and auditors to be self-sufficient and access the information they need when they need it. Set up workflows and approval processes and directly integrate with your enterprise systems to keep your information assets centralized and accessible. Unlock the power of visibility.

Seamless End-User Experience

Provide a seamless end-user experience for employees, retirees, temporary workers, and more with MHC’s self-service solution. Deliver documents via mobile-responsive functionality to provide access anywhere, anytime. Reduce paper waste, costs for distribution & reprints, and risk of disaster recovery & downtime. All interactions are auditable and reportable plus tax documents meet IRS and Canada Revenue Agency requirements for online delivery.


Get to Know MHC

Find out how you can combine and configure MHC’s solutions to automate your most critical processes and empower teams to meet their goals. 

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Enterprise Solutions Designed to Optimize
Employee Interactions

Manage payroll communications

Managing payroll communications with employees has never been easier. Payroll administrators can provide digital access to payroll documents, such as pay stubs, W-2s, T4s, compensation statements, and more to employees directly via a seamless extension to an employee portal.

Is your organization still required to create and distribute payroll checks for select individuals? MHC has you covered with a comprehensive solution suite to optimize electronic automated delivery while meeting the necessities of printed payroll checks secured via flexible positive pay functionality.

  • Automated, secure, electronic transactions and documents for payroll without payroll system customizations or delays
  • Integrates with leading and niche human resources and payroll systems to simplify employee interactions
  • Audits user interactions and enables robust reporting & analytics needs
  • Supports workflow approval processes to manage payroll modifications, wage theft notice and employee communications, and support operational compliance goals
  • Increases employee engagement as employees self-manage their documentation online 24x7x365
  • Flexible positive pay features compatible with hundreds of financial institutions reduce the risk of fraud and are standard inclusions in MHC solution packages

Manage HR processes

Automate the distribution of HR-related documents and capture employee forms without needing to leave your ERP or HCM platform.

  • Employees have instant access to view their own documents online
  • Validate document types and acknowledgements to ensure compliant processes
  • Manage shared documents and other contractual documents directly in one system and capture digital signatures to eliminate the burden of paper
  • Manage travel expenses and other form submissions without needing to use email or manual processes. Organizations value how MHC web forms can instantly increase overall data quality and decrease inefficiencies

Manage benefits

Manage benefit document distribution, total rewards package communications, retirement documents, and other benefit-related documentation by providing digital access to employees.

Manage year-end tax documents

Tax documents can be a real pain-point for payroll and benefits professionals. MHC offers comprehensive and ROI-based solutions designed to ease the burden of managing active and inactive employee tax document communications.

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