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Automated Document Creation and Assembly 

Make an Impact with User-Friendly Templates and Omnichannel Delivery

Documents are your calling card – the way you communicate with customers. Whether it be an explanation of benefits, a collection letter, an invoice, documents are the way you share valuable information. And so often, the creation and generation of these documents takes up far too much time. Manual document generation results in increases in inaccuracies, an inability to easily flex with your company’s needs, a reduced company ROI. 

Given that, we would like to introduce you to document automation software. Improve the quality of your documents along with user experience, without having to continually fuss with templates and recreate the wheel. MHC EngageCX is the solution that can streamline the production and distribution of your most vital documents. And with inherent scalability and flexibility, you can make sure that this platform meets your needs by always meeting those of your customer.  

How Does Document Automation Work?

The 4 Steps of Automated Document Generation with MHC

Document Template Design Illustration

The first step in automating documents is to create communication templates with our user-friendly visual design tool. Business users can automate documents more quickly while IT, freed from document and report creation obligations, focuses on higher value-added work. A single, central repository maintains important company assets (such as logos, branding, and document fragments) and automatically updates them across multiple templates.


MHC EngageCX then aggregates and transforms data from one or more sources to begin the document generation process. Data sources include packaged or proprietary business applications, customer portals, databases, and XML streams. If required, users leverage an embedded interface to complete personalized correspondence before rendering. The final data set is mapped to one or more defined templates.

Document rendering illustration
Document Assembly Illustration

MHC’s document generation platform, EngageCX, proceeds by accessing multiple documents and assets across disparate locations within the organization. Once retrieved from their source locations, these documents are then compiled into one combined asset and are ready for distribution.

Once required documents and assets have been acquired and combined into a single output, it is now time to deliver these items based on business or customer need. Delivered via email, SMS, or traditional print, EngageCX utilized omnichannel delivery to provide the most convenient user experience while ensuring that important information is disseminated as needed.

Document delivery illustration


Watch how simple document automation can be with MHC!

Calvin has been tasked with creating a customer collections letter. Seems simple enough – create a template and VOILA! But given the level of personalization needed, he feels hamstrung by his technical abilities and IT’s schedule.

Instead of waiting weeks or even months on a tech or consultant to create this essential template, Calvin turns to the magic of business document automation. The benefits quickly reveal themselves as he comes to understand the importance of document workflow automation software.

Automate Document Creation with MHC EngageCX

Consistent and memorable experiences are imperative to creating a brand personality. And documents are an important place to build on that. With MHC EngageCX, craft, generate, and automate premium documents that provide more information and insight in a highly personalized way. Leverage the technology of document automation to smooth the experience, not only for your customer, but ultimately for you and your entire organization.

AN ALL IN ONE DOCUMENT GENERATION SOLUTION – EngageCX accounts for the full range of customer needs, from document creation, assembly, and delivery to journey mapping and user analytics.

BUILD COMPLEX DOCUMENTS AS BIG AS YOU NEED – EngageCX supports documents as big as you need them to be. Whether 1 or 1000 pages, create complex publishing quality documents on the fly.

DATA INTEGRATION COMPONENT – Process all the data you need, from all your sources – the cloud, databases, xml, websites, PDFs – and create a golden data source that feeds the reports and documents you produce.

A FLEXIBLE SOLUTION BUILT IN-HOUSE – EngageCX provides the autonomy of a self-service model, making it easy for both tech and non-tech teams to use and manage. It is built, and maintained without dependency on other solutions.

GROWS WITH ITS CUSTOMER BASE – MHC is constantly analyzing how customers engage with organizations to meet and exceed their needs. We can accommodate specific customer needs and add new features that customers need, on-demand. 

A SCALABLE SOLUTION THAT SUPPORTS PRODUCTION NEEDS – We will keep to the pace with your company’s growth while fully supporting your development. We manage your production needs – volume, complexity, and throughput – at scale. 

Document Automation Features

Centralized Template Management

MHC EngageCX maintains all company document templates and assets (including logos, graphics, and more) in a single place to ensure consistency across all communications. Our automated document creation software reduces the number of templates you have to manage, thereby cutting the time and costs associated with each. Enable business users with an intuitive template design interface and allow MHC to eliminate your reliance on IT development.

Automated Document Assembly

EngageCX is automated document creation software that renders documents based on data gathered from single or multiple sources. Utilize document assembly to combine them with other documents and assets, generating complete packages. Whether it entails contracts, policies, new account packets or welcome kits, use MHC’s solution to finalize the process of those sets and distribute them to print, PDF files, emails, and more.

Document Automation Software Features Illustration

Translations and Customized Locations

Our automated document generation software allows you to easily create documents in one language and then seamlessly translate those documents into any language required. Use conditional blocking to change location-specific information on documents. With EngageCX, enjoy the convenience of managing one template that accounts for language and location instead of struggling with a new template for every situation.

Forms and

Extend the digital experience to all users with MHC’s automated document generation software, EngageCX. Complete forms, personalized letters and other correspondence by gathering data from agents, customers from an online portal, or automatically via integration to business applications. With our solution, you can interact with customers 24×7 without call center support.


Create an engaging, customer-driven experience that provides an always-on, available-anywhere view into their real-time account data with MHC’s smart documents. Deliver the right information to each individual customer, reducing call center demands with our automated document generation software. Empower customers to control their experience while staying consistent with your brand and image.

Batch or
On-Demand Document Generation

With EngageCX, run fully automated, high-volume batch jobs including monthly statements, invoices, annual reports, and more using integrations to business applications such as a CRM or a website. Our automated document generation software accelerates the creation of one or more documents on-demand, be them individual statements, quotes, or certificates, in real-time as the customer requests them. Empower users to complete personalized correspondence from MHC’s intuitive user interface.

Complex Document Workflow Management

Automate complex communication processes from initial design to final delivery and beyond with our automated document generation software. Define participants and configure automated workflow processes associated with customer communications. Our solution allows you to bring internal and external stakeholders together to design documents. With EngageCX, take full advantage of the ability to automate data collection and aggregation, redlining, review/approve processes, final assembly, distribution, and post-delivery activities.

Documents Delivered When, Where and How Required

MHC’s enterprise automated document generation software generates, assembles, and delivers customer communications according to individual preferences. Efficiently produce required document packages in batch or upon request. Distribute final document assembles to managed print queues, online HTML presentation layers, and PDF for storage or email distribution. EngageCX gives you the opportunity to truly create personalized document kits in the language, tone, and medium chosen by each unique customer.

Create Newsletters Legal Contracts  Smart Invoices Labels  Customer Dashboards Statements  Bills  Receipts Letters Business Reports Marketing Docs Proposals Legal Agreements Invoices POs Tax Documents Rundown of Insurance Coverage Explanation of Benefits Portfolio Statements Checking Account Statements Hospital Discharge Statements Prescriptions

MHC understands just how many documents flow through your organization and to your customers every minute of every day. Your needs are legion… and unique. From newsletters to bills to legal documents, our document automation software boasts the flexibility to create and pivot based on what documents your company needs to function and succeed. Here are only some of the documents you can create with EngageCX:

  • Newsletters
  • Legal Contracts
  • Smart Invoices
  • Labels
  • Customer Dashboards
  • Statements
  • Bills
  • Receipts
  • Letters
  • Business Reports
  • Marketing Docs
  • Proposals
  • Legal Agreements
  • Invoices
  • POs
  • Tax Documents
  • Rundown of Insurance Coverage
  • Explanation of Benefits
  • Portfolio Statements
  • Account Statements
  • Hospital Discharge Statements
  • Prescriptions

And with the advent of Smart Document technology, EngageCX is positioned to turn any document you create into one that is responsive and interactive. Grant consistency to your customer interactions while gaining insight into customer behavior and learning how to transform your communications going forward.


This smart document not only gives customers information about their personal portfolio but allows them to gain insight into their holdings and the performance of their investments. Drill-down, sort, and filter data real-time in this truly interactive document.


Most customers will receive a bill from you at some point. Why not leverage that bill as an additional revenue stream by placing ads within the interactive elements of the document? These ads can increase user engagement and generate potential sales.


You need true visibility into who your customers are. Customer dashboards provide an intuitive interface where you can gain insight into your entire customer base. Monitor demographics, key markets, and sales easily – all with the click of a button.

Find out more about Smart Documents!

Experiences are everything. And with Smart Documents, you offer your customers an interactive user experience that will stay with them and remind them why they’ve chosen to do business with you. MHC invites you to learn about Smart Documents and how they can take your relationship with your customers from mediocre to mind-blowing.


Document Automation Buyer’s Guide

MHC’s 15-point buying guide details the top factors companies consider
when selecting a Document Automation solution.

Why Document Automation Software?

Automating document generation processes provides many benefits to every organization from time and costs savings to improved efficiency. Below are several of the top document automation benefits associated with eliminating manual document processes.

To Many Errors in Your Document Process?


Say Goodbye to Errors and Hello to Efficiency

Manual intervention simply opens business processes up to more human errors and reduced productivity. Our document workflow solution closes that door to errors and chaos. It simplifies the ways companies create, manage, and distribute documents through an intuitive, step-by-step process.

The learning curve is lowered while paperless document automation eliminates the need for employees to spend precious time creating documents from scratch or manually entering information. No more wrong order numbers or client contact information causing delays or confusion. Automated document generation software like MHC EngageCX keeps document management from being yet another obstacle in your already complicated work day.

Customer Experience That Doesn’t Stand Out?


Create Unique Experiences for Your Customers

How you engage with your customers and the quality of that interaction can change how a customer feels about you and whether or not they’re willing to continue to do business with you. EngageCX, MHC’s document automation software leverages the ability to communicate with customers via multiple channels and to ensure those communications make it to your intended audience. 

Once an onboarding package has been sent by email, automate an SMS message to continue the conversation and make sure your organization stays at the forefront of the customer’s mind. MHC offers you an easy and effective way to constantly be in contact with your customer while providing an experience that feels personalized and targeted to their specific needs.

Document Production Taking Too Long?


Save Time and Money with Document Automation

It’s a fact- organizations grow and expand. With manual, paper-dependent processes, there’s no agile way to flex with your company’s needs. Changes to the process result in increasing costs and major shifts to team productivity. But that’s not the case with EngageCX. 

Regardless of how many new employees, departments, locations that your organization adds, our automated document creation software accommodates your growing needs. And as your customer base increases, make sure you’re prepared for your extended business document automation needs with a solution that will be what you need, when you need it.

Drowning in Templates?


Get Control of Your Documents with a Single Template

Your company is inundated with document templates. Each document, each seemingly simple alteration requires an entirely new template that you’re now responsible for maintaining and updating. With EngageCX, enjoy the convenience and simplicity of managing a multitude of documents using a single template. 

Account for changes in languages in translation, along with location-specific information, requiring only one template leveraging the benefits of conditional blocking. Rein in the number of templates bogging your process down with our document automation software and come away with complex, high-impact documents your company can be proud of.

Platform Can’t Handle Complex Documents?


Build Print-Quality Documents with MHC EngageCX

While many competing document automation platforms handle simple documents like letters and invoices, EngageCX wants to provide support at a higher level. When you need publishing quality content as seen in the pages of Vogue), the ability to create complicated, aesthetically- pleasing content becomes more important than ever before. Use MHC’s user-friendly build functionality and come away with complex, high-impact documents that your company can be proud of.

Anxious About Document Access and Security?


Encourage Collaboration with One Secure Location

It’s more evident than ever that it’s vital for companies to store their most critical documents in a centralized location  and to keep their documentation secure. EngageCX, our document automation software, makes it easier to access the most up-to-date communications and documents quickly. Motivate collaboration with the ability to route documents for review, editing, and approval. With CRM document automation, ensure the correct versions are available across the organization, regardless of where on the globe your team members happen to be.

Can’t Get Your Systems to Work Together?


Simple Integration With Third-Party Systems

Without the ability to integrate with third-party systems, the generation and sending of communications becomes a cumbersome task that risks the chance of human error. A business document automation solution like EngageCX integrates with all relevant in-house applications to eliminate gaps in the process. MHC helps organizations function at their highest possible level with a fully integrated automated document solution.

Enable Stronger Customer Connections

Organizations worldwide leverage MHC enterprise document automation software to enhance their customer experience, reduce operating costs, and take control of their customer communication processes. Thousands of companies across a broad range of industries ensure compliance with corporate branding and legal standards while establishing genuine connections with their customers one at a time.

See MHC in Action!

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