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Customer Engagement – One Customer at a Time

Proactive Management of the Customer Experience

Consumers today willingly pay a 16% premium for a better experience with their providers. On the flip side, they are quick to switch brands after an inferior one: a recent study determined that 32% of customers would leave a brand they love after a single bad interaction. For this reason, most companies feel it is imperative to proactively manage their customers’ experience to achieve long-term success. Customer-centric companies undertake vast projects to map their customer journeys, identify the desired future-state, and changes they need to make. The challenge lies in execution.

With thousands or even millions of customers flowing through complicated journey maps, organizations struggle to understand where their customers are in their individual journeys, where they encounter friction, and how the company can improve processes.

In an effort to achieve true customer engagement, enterprises struggle to provide personalized communications at scale, taking into account each individual’s preferences such as language, communication channel, and time of day, among others. They seek to deploy digital experiences that differentiate them from their competitors, engage their audience, and enable self-service—all optimized for any device their customers might use.

Customer Experience Automation software by MHC enable enterprises large and small, across a broad range of industries, to map their customer journeys, monitor and proactively manage their customers’ experiences, and interact with their customers in a way that builds true engagement and long-lasting loyalty.

Customer Experience Automation Capabilities

Customer Journey Mapping

Leverage MHC’s customer experience automation software to map customer journeys with milestones and identify Moments of Truth. Trigger personalized communications at critical points of the journey. Track each customer’s progress, the number of customers at each milestone, and identify where customers encounter friction or fail to convert.  Remedy issues, adapt to changing market conditions, measure improvements, and iterate to optimize the customer experience.

Digital Experience Platform

Meet customers wherever they are—on any device, at any time, with flexible, purpose-built digital experience tools optimized for each user’s screen. Use MHC’s CXA software to empower customers with self-service capabilities that drive down call center costs and improve customer satisfaction. Rapidly deploy a single point solution to solve an immediate pain point or several together to automate a cohesive customer journey.

Customer Communications Management

Capture and maintain customer preferences, personalize communications based on those preferences, and deliver them via the customer’s selected channel. Leverage MHC’s customer communications management solution to send the right message at the right time in the customer journey.  Send fully automated communications from the Journey Map or on-demand, initiated from a digital experience interface or call center agent.

Fillable PDFs and Online Forms

Complete forms, personalized letters, and other correspondence using MHC’s customer experience automation solution. Gather data from agents, from customers via the online portal, or automatically through integration to business applications. Extend the digital experience to all users, enabling data collection for quotes, applications, claims, and other documentation needs. Interact with customers 24×7 without call center support.

Customer Engagement Monitoring Icon

Customer Engagement Monitoring

Empower customer service agents with a full 360-degree view of communications with each customer and their progress through the journey. Track interactions with electronic communications as well as activities on digital interfaces. Leverage engagement dashboards to measure customer engagement and identify successful communication tactics and areas for improvement.

Customer Analytics

Measure the success of a new customer journey map with the customer experience automation software. Use executive dashboards containing standard and customized analytic tools. Identify trends in both the customer base and the broader market so you can react as needed. Assess the performance of specific campaigns and individual communications to improve effectiveness. Calibrate communications and tactics for optimum impact.

Interactive Documents

MHC’s customer experience software features interactive document assembly and delivery. Achieve superior CX by serving complex information in engaging formats accessible from any device. Reduce call center costs by offering comprehensive information via documents that offer a customer-driven analytic experience. Upgrade document formats while remaining consistent with the company brand and image.

Document Automation

Consistency plays a central role in customer experience. Leverage MHC’s document automation capabilities to build a flawless experience every single time. Streamline document production and assembly to deliver high-quality communications in your brand image that support customers’ reliability. Eliminate human error and reduce customer service load in the process.


That Monkey Stole My Phone!

CX Automation Isn’t Monkey Business.

Customer Experience Automation Across Industries

Customers expect a rich experience that is tailored to their individual needs every single time they interact with a company, and they don’t want to settle for less. Bad experiences make customers more inclined to leave as well as to share publicly about their negative experience. There are standard expectations that customers have from any business, but for industries that involve more client interactions they are even higher. The quality of the experience that these companies provide defines their success. CX automation applied to industry demands enables a superior experience that is often the main differentiator within the very competitive markets.

Financial Services CX Software

Discover MHC’s customer experience solutions for banking and financial services. Streamline banking correspondence and wealth management communications to engage customers and build a strong relationship with them.

Insurance Customer Experience Software

Leverage personalized communications that make customers connect with the brand. Automate claims processes via workflow management. Streamline claims and policy correspondence with MHC’s solution designed for insurance customer experience.

Utilities Customer Experience Software

Automate utility communications to boost engagement at key moments in the customer journey. Leverage MHC’s utility customer experience analytics solution to empower informed decisions. Deliver utility billing on the customers’ channels of choice.


MHC Buyer’s Guide

Find out how MHC solutions can help your business accelerate automation. 

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Benefits of Using MHC’s Customer Experience Automation Software

The goal of customer experience automation tools is to offer an all-in-one solution, as flexible and agile as possible, enough so that businesses no longer need to create a new block of code to connect their CRM system with document templates. With MHC’s CXA software, this can all be done in-house or with the help of a third party. One instance takes more time, the other costs more money, and using MHC’s platform saves on both. Companies can always be up to date with customer information, delivering the appropriate document types, by the right channels, accompanied by the marketing pieces that are most relevant to the targets. Find out the many benefits of using MHC’s solution:

1. Get to Know the Customers Individually

To even begin correspondence with customers, brands must know who they are and what they want. Customer experience automation can help companies understand individual customers from every angle with a full view of their contact data, preferences, and communications history. Ad-hoc changes can be made to all of this information in real-time; customers can either make adjustments through an automated system or on the phone with company representatives. Knowing the audience helps brands craft the perfect messages to serve a wide range of individuals.

2. Engage Customers with Automation

Use automation to spark customer engagement at the ideal time in the customer journey. The customer communications management capability in MHC’s CXA solution allows companies to trigger accurate communications on time, as frequently as the customer prefers, and by any desired medium: the information they want, how they want it, in the format the customer prefers.

3. Make Documents Memorable

Many companies interact with their customers almost exclusively using documents, and this interaction happens monthly at most. The customer has a chance to learn about a company from those documents, but this opportunity to interact with customers is often spoiled by misprints, typos, bland imagery, or non-essential information. With MHC’s customer experience automation software, human error is eliminated and brand images and videos are seamlessly integrated into communications, which can be delivered in a wide range of formats including interactive documents.

4. Leverage Documents to Learn about Customers

Documents are also an opportunity for businesses to learn about their customers. It’s helpful when this process is a two-way street because a business creates channels for feedback. Moreover, elements in documents such as charts and tables can provide information about the customer’s individual needs and preferences via customer analytics. Documents become touchpoints, critical as any transaction, both starting and perpetuating the customer journey.

5. Use CXA to Empower Marketing Campaigns

Customer communication is a cycle that begins and ends with marketing. This final layer exists to close the loop and start it all over. The Customer Engagement Management capability in MHC’s solution gives businesses the option of ongoing correspondence with dynamic ads tailored to their preferences and history. Upselling and cross-selling, or at least an acknowledgment of what a customer might need in the future, is vital to prolonging Customer Lifetime Value. In the end, this takes brand awareness to new heights and it bolsters revenue.

6. Save Time in Call Centers

Information processing in call centers drains businesses on two fronts: the employee experience and the customer experience. Separate solutions in legacy systems could add steps to a customer service agent’s data input process, accumulating extra, unnecessary labor hours (not to mention the hassle that comes with jumping back and forth between solutions, and more error-prone data as consequence). This results in the most urgent issue of all: customer dissatisfaction with wait times and impersonal communication. All told, these translate into a subpar experience.

CXA software is a game-changer. It allows CS agents to perform operations much faster with a much more responsive solution (because it’s a single platform). It all funnels toward a positive customer experience because the data is more personal and the agents are more available.

7. Deliver Self-Service

Customer experience automation saves time and money in the same swing. Customer service operations are streamlined not by more people, but by better technology. The same can be done for the direct, on-demand customer experience, allowing customers to bypass the call-center altogether. This not only saves businesses the cost of hiring extra agents but also serves the customer’s need for autonomy and instant response. Many customers today prefer their independence, so businesses are empowering them with options to avoid phone wait times altogether. The tools in a CCM solution provide an interface for your staff as well as for customers to change their information and preferences. For example, if a customer has a change of address they can input it immediately. If they prefer to be contacted by a different channel, CCM allows them to self-select that as well.

8. Standardization and Compliance Made Easy

Customer experience automation is not just about giving customers the luxury of accurate and appealing communications. The synergy between CXA systems and communications is vital to legal compliance. Among the various compliance regulations across industries, best known is the mandatory unsubscribe feature in email campaigns. Along with preference information, profiles relay the customer’s willingness to engage further with the company at a given time. The status can be changed instantly and applied to document distribution projects with no lag, protecting the company from time-intensive and potentially costly, legal, and compliance satisfaction requirements.

9. Effortlessly Respect Customer Preferences

With traditional legacy systems, there is always a need to bridge customer preferences from the CRM to the templates, because otherwise, the distribution mechanism stands alone. MHC’s customer experience automation software delivers all of the tools in a single solution. This way, the distribution of documents is tied to customer information so profiles can dictate template styles, delivery format, and other variables to meet individual customer needs. How do they want their documents delivered? When are they most likely to view them? What information is most useful? The answers to these can be easily inferred from customer profiles, which are only effectively populated with CRM integration.

The Case of a Single Customer Experience Platform

MHC Enables Stronger Customer Connections

Organizations worldwide leverage customer experience automation software by MHC to enhance their customer engagement, reduce operating costs, and take control of their customer experience processes. Thousands of companies across a broad range of industries ensure compliance with corporate branding and legal standards while establishing genuine connections with their customers—one at a time.

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