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Every function in your business involves content of some kind,
and MHC automation captures, transforms, and distributes it all for you.    

Every day your employees start a day full of accomplishing tasks and performing the functions of their role. They are each part of a far larger effort to run your business, each contributing their own energy and experience to do their job well and for the benefit of the company. 

Survey your team members about how their daily routines can be improved, and you’re sure to hear that repetitive, mundane tasks are an area where their entire role and what they try to accomplish can be vastly improved. You may also hear words like “consistency” or “transparency,” with “accuracy” and “centralized” tossed in.  

Whatever your teams are trying to do each day, and for whatever purpose, MHC  has the right size document and automation solutions. The result: efficient work and operational success.

Enterprise Digital Transformation 

Every enterprise fights a daily battle of losing time: precious minutes that we can’t get back are often wasted on tasks and processes that could be far more efficient and thus beneficial to the business’ bottom line. See how automation can transform and accelerate your enterprise’s processes, teams, and content. 

Accounts Payable Automation 

Receiving invoices, processing payments, catching discrepancies, gathering reviews and approvals: all of these are tasks that repeat regularly yet are vital to get done right and on time. Automation in your AP department centralizes your systems and turns the lows of your processes into highs of achievement. 

Accounts Payable Spend Management 

Invoices are a specific part of accounts payable, yet they carry their own burden of requiring collection, processing, and payment. Automation can take care of that for your customers, as well as manage disputes, support audits, and let them manage their AP invoice spending rather than being managed by it.  

Procure-to-Pay Automation 

The things that keep your business running – supplies, equipment, services, software – all go through the procurement process, which involves a lot of people and even more steps to follow. From requisitioning to reconciliation of purchase orders, P2P automation simplifies every stage of your procurement processes.  


Your employees make your business work the way it should. Throughout their lifecycle at your company, every interaction should be clear, timely, and accessible. Automation assists employee onboarding, document access, benefits enrollments, and just about any documentation related to your team members.  

Customer Engagement   

Each customer is a value for your business, and thus conveying to each that they are special and important must be part of your approach. Customer engagement is one benefit of how automation can support personalized communications, individual preferences, and an overall excellent digital experience.   

Customer Communication Management  

Managing each and every piece of communication between you and your customers is a hefty task, especially with people and teams working out of sync and using a variety of different mediums. Automating your CCM is one major way you can transform the customer experience for your business by centralizing the effort.  

Tax & Compliance Document Digital Delivery 

Taxes is one area where there is very little room for error, and your team works tirelessly each year to get everyone the documentation they’re required to deliver, seamlessly. Put reprints in the past with an automated tax document solution that digitally delivers documents to keep your company in compliance and your people happy. 

Large Scale Document Automation 

If your business typically generates literal mountains of documents on a regular basis, finding efficient ways to produce and manage those documents feels daunting. The scalability of automation empowers your company to efficiently create, customize, and distribute huge volumes of documents, turning those mountains into molehills.   

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