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Simplify the creation and processing of purchase orders, ingestion of packing slips, and management of other supply chain documents.

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What are the Benefits of Automating Supply Chain Document Processing?

Simplifying your procure-to-pay (P2P) process while keeping compliant requires maximum visibility into every stage of processing. That includes critical inbound and outbound document processing that your ERP or supply chain enterprise system may not handle well. Even the best attempts at spend management can be disrupted without a smooth process for handling documents received from and distributed to your vendors. Digitizing and automating supply chain document processing for vendor management, requisitions, purchase orders, and packing slips has immediate and tangible benefits for every organization, including:

The process of buying goods and services from vendors has a lot of moving parts. A lack of visibility into each step can create confusion and delays, both internally and externally. A platform to help you create, capture and manage documents makes it easy to see where each document is in the process, check statuses and identify where bottlenecks or discrepancies may exist at any given time. That instant visibility reduces time spent making status checks and searching for info, freeing up your team to focus on other areas.

Every human touchpoint in your purchase order processing is also a potential for human error. The difference between an order for 200 items and one for 2,000 can have a big impact on an organization’s budget. Many ERP and supply chain systems offer standard purchase order templates, but they are often rigid and may not meet your organization’s brand and communication standards. Poor communication or PO mistakes can be quite costly, resulting in returns, disputes, invoice issues downstream, compliance gaps and delays in getting the goods your organization and customers need.

Processing purchase orders without the assistance of flexible, rules-based automation functionality can be expensive. Research shows that it can cost more than $500 to manually process a single PO. If your business processes just 20 purchase orders per month, that adds up to more than $120,000 annually. Automation cuts those costs significantly by speeding up processing time and reducing the risk of human error that comes with manual or semi-manual PO creation.

An automated, rules-driven system for creating and distributing documents allows you to configure designs and content to meet your organization’s unique needs and business rules. For organizations dealing with high volumes and complex data, that flexibility can save time boost productivity at every stage of processing, from creating the initial contract to making payments to vendors.

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Experience the Difference of MHC Automation

With MHC’s supply chain document automation functionality preventing potential problems while streamlining your team’s procure-to-pay workflow is easier than ever before. 

Our automated document solutions simplify the creation and processing of purchase orders, the ingestion of packing slips, and the storage and retrieval of other documents related to your supply chain.

An automated solution from MHC streamlines processes including:

  • Tailored document generation and distribution of purchase orders
  • Digital archival for storage and retrieval
  • Automatic and intelligent data capture of packing slips or receiving documents leveraging optical character recognition (OCR) and machine learning
  • Uploading and indexing of packing slips for visibility and speedier retrieval
  • Capturing supporting documentation for requisitions and ongoing vendor management

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Boost Visibility by Combining Automated Invoice and Payment Processing

Combining your supply chain document data and documents with your invoicing and payment processes eliminates time spent making status checks and searching for info, freeing up your team to focus on other areas. That creates a faster, more accurate, and more flexible process that more directly meets the ever-changing needs of your organization.

Just a few of the benefits of automating your invoice and payment processing include:

  • Eliminate labor-intensive invoice data entry
  • Efficiently process large volumes of invoices on time and accurately
  • Increase touchless processing and reduce time spent handling exceptions
  • Gain visibility into the status of outstanding payables invoices at all times 
  • Build stronger vendor relationships with more control over payment schedules
  • Create invoice transactions automatically
  • Generate automatic reports on invoice status

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Efficient invoice processing and check printing.

Cox Health reduced its invoice processing time by more than half, freeing up headcount for more value-added tasks and allowing for increased scalability and productivity.

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