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Automating your AP payment processing lowers costs, boosts visibility, and offers more control over how payments are handled.

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Why Optimize AP Payment Processing?

Making payments to vendors is one of the most crucial functions of any accounts payable department, so it only makes sense to make payment processing as simple and intuitive as possible. From cutting down on the human error that comes with manual processes to increasing security to reduce fraud risk and implementing tighter financial controls to eliminating bank transaction fees with consolidated payments, making the move to payment automation software simply makes sense for any large or growing business.

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More Control Over Payments

An automated payment processing system gives your team more control over and visibility into the timing of scheduled payments. That timing control increases the volume of invoices your AP team can handle and cuts down on costly delays caused by human error and makes it easier for your business to qualify for discounts for early payments.

Reduced Costs

Lower Costs Per Transaction

Automation makes it simpler to conduct and consolidate transactions using electronic payments, cutting down on the added costs that come with processing paper checks or processing ACH transactions. That means significant savings for a high-volume business.

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Better Visibility and Data Insights

The way your AP system processes payments can tell you a lot about the way your organization does business overall. An automated AP solution generates vital financial data that helps identify inefficiencies and uncover necessary changes that will improve your process.

Greater accuracy

Fewer Payment Errors

Trying to manually process large volumes of invoices and payments is an invitation to human error, which leads to duplicate payments, overpayments, and underpayments. Automating your payment process eliminates the cost of cleaning up those mistakes, as well as the strain they can put on vendor relationships.

Secure Payments

Less Payment Fraud

Payment fraud can come in many forms, both inside and outside of your business. A system that automatically tracks and records each transaction and can flag exceptions for extra workflow reviews makes it much easier to detect fake invoices, data theft, intentional overpayments, and other forms of fraud.

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Improved Vendor Visibility into Payment Status

Vendor inquiries about late payments, lost invoices, payment discrepancies, and other problems common to manual processing can eat up a lot of time for your AP department. Automation reduces those incidents and puts more time back on your AP team’s schedule.

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MHC offers solutions to streamline business processes that take your efficiency to the next level. They truly care about their customers and go above and beyond to ensure that the products they offer function well.

How Can MHC Streamline

Your Payment Processing?

MHC solutions automatically interface with your ERP system to collect data and convert it into secure financial transactions. Those transactions are supplemented by legible, business-facing payment documents that can be easily and automatically distributed to streamline interactions with vendors.

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Key Features and Functionality

Automated Document Distribution

Automatically deliver documents such as remittance advices to payees, via email or self-service. Minimize time-consuming inquiries while boosting productivity for both your organization and your vendors.

Branded Negotiable Documents

With MHC, configure branded, ready-to-distribute documents such as AP checks with corresponding positive pay files. That enables clear and effective communications that let your vendors know exactly who is paying them and why, offering much more useful insights than one-size-fits-all payment solutions.

Electronic Payments

MHC supports the configuration of electronic payment transactions to match your bank requirements. That eliminates the need for costly custom interfaces or consulting contracts, allowing you to reach your digital transformation goals and keep costs to a minimum.

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Secure Remote Print

Remote printing of AP checks (and other sensitive and/or negotiable documents) can be costly and tricky to coordinate. MHC’s secure remote print solution features user authentication, data and document encryption and secure release methods. That enables shared service center administrators to maintain control over which sensitive documents remote locations can print and when.

Financial Transactions

Match bank interface requirements effortlessly with MHC for virtual cards, wires and other financial transactions. Combine payments and keep your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system standard to increase savings.

Document Printing & Distribution Services

MHC document print and distribution services can handle all negotiable document and tax document processing and distribution for you, either as a primary service provider or a backup secondary service. MHC offers unparalleled security of negotiable documents and remote access to printers that support high quality check production.

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Power Up Your Payments with Integrated Invoice Automation

Invoicing and payments walk hand-in-hand, which is why MHC’s automated invoice processing is a boon for your AP team. As automation optimizes each invoice’s lifecycle, integrating with your AP process happens seamlessly. Combining your payment and invoicing process with an automated solution streamlines communications and makes errors and delays caused by human touchpoints a thing of the past.


As each invoice is approved for payment, the automated process feeds the invoice transactions directly into your accounting or ERP system. Each invoice is automatically queued for payment by accounts payable according to your rules and schedule, with alerts in place should human review be required.


When an invoice is hung up in the process due to validation errors or delays in reviews or approvals delays, MHC automation keeps you in the know and helps avoid costly consequences like service disruptions or vendor friction.


As each invoice is paid out by your AP process, payment information is fed back into your automated system so that status is reflected accurately and in real-time. You’ll know the instant an invoice payment is posted.

Government Administration

MHC has proven to be a great software that has helped us with our financial documents.

This software creates bank files for our invoices and payroll. It also formats financial data into easy-to-read documents that can be read online or emailed.

Dan Boehm
Greenville County Schools Education

Our employees use MHC to view and print their Deposit Advices and W-2s. We have eliminated printing almost all of our paychecks, travel reimbursement checks, and W-2s.

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George Gallagher
Sr. Benefits Analyst HR
Geisinger Health

MHC merged and transformed data from numerous sources and delivered the output I wanted.

Edward Corbett
Hospital & Health Care

Software is very easy to set up and maintain.

Primary/Secondary Education

I have found MHC products to be consistently reliable.

We no longer print pay stubs (…) As we have over 10,000 employees this is a great savings in time with the manual printing and handling of pay stubs. Secure invoice, purchase order, statements and checks for over 100 locations across our school district.

Efficient invoice processing and check printing.

Cox Health reduced its invoice processing time by more than half, freeing up headcount for more value-added tasks and allowing for increased scalability and productivity.

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