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Flexible label management software eliminates errors, saves money and time and keeps high-volume operations running smoothly.

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How Can Reliable, Scalable Label Production and Printing Boost Your Bottom Line?

For global businesses and other organizations that rely on efficient supply chain operations to get their goods out to market, a quick and dependable labeling process is essential. In an era of unprecedented supply chain challenges, delays or errors in can mean the difference between a fulfilled order and expensive downtime.

Worse yet, mistakes in the order fulfillment process can result in massive returns or customer confusion. Label generation delays and printing failures can seriously disrupt operational flow. Confusing or misprinted content on labels can do major damage to a company’s relationships and overall reputation. Simply put, a little piece of sticky paper can create big problems if it’s not handled optimally.

Flexible, high-volume, reliable software designed to fit your business needs can make a world of difference by:

Speedier approvals

Speeding up processing time to get your products out the door and get cash in faster

Supporting multiple languages and personalization on label output sourced from multiple systems

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Reducing employees’ downtime

Greater accuracy

Eliminating processing and remote label printing failures

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Compiling data from disparate systems for more effective communication

Decreasing setup time and template volume

Reducing the need for print support

Integrating labeling with other key business processes

Reducing call center questions when customers are confused about labeling on product packaging

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Simplifying compliance with labeling regulations

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MHC’s modern CCM platform has customer-centricity at its heart, enabling it to empower customers to meet their evolving business goals. While EngageCX is a very rounded suite in itself, MHC has taken it even further by incorporating it within its newly developed MHC NorthStar platform, allowing it to serve as a versatile front-end CX layer to back-end automation processes. The new combination delivers a powerful and agile platform that is poised for exciting growth.

Kaspar Roos
CEO & Founder of Aspire

Essilor Improves Operational Efficiency with Rendering and Printing Stability

Reduced print
support from 14 team members to 


Decreased document
template volume

0 %

Increased straight through processing from 10% to

0 %

Experience the Difference of MHC Automation

MHC specializes in enterprise label printing. That means high volume, batch printing, usually for companies that do business on a national or global scale. More than two-thirds of enterprise businesses say they’ve moved or plan to move to a system that integrates labeling with other business applications. That puts companies that haven’t made that move at a potential disadvantage in the marketplace. MHC labeling solutions allow enterprise businesses to:

Improve processes with reliable
label output

MHC label management solutions can replace alternative solutions and reduce label creation and print failures from a rate of 75% failure to less than 0.1%. Flexible integration with enterprise application data sources enables organizations to consolidate processes and eliminate manual touchpoints and points of failure.

Access labeling functions onsite
or via the cloud

Cloud-based printing options allow your business to manage label production on location or from anywhere with online connectivity.

Create, print, and manage
a large variety of labels
A multifaceted enterprise business often requires a wide range of labels. MHC makes managing label production easy and seamless even across multiple areas of operation.

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Configure label production to
match current workflows
As business demands ebb and flow throughout the year, so do your label production needs. Whether you’re facing increased demand, changing up your infrastructure, or bringing on a new product or customer, MHC solutions are configurable to your specific needs.

Design and update labels
quickly and accurately
Label design requirements often vary based on customers’ needs, industry regulations, and other factors. MHC offers a platform that uses data-driven content fragments to optimize the number of label templates required to meet all of your label output needs.

Minimize downtime with
continuous production

Any interruption in the labeling process can mean costly shipping delays and supply chain issues. MHC automation keeps your system moving smoothly by eliminating the risk of human error with a proven, reliable process that can produce millions of outputs in record time.

Integrate easily with your business
systems and infrastructure

A labeling system that integrates with all of the other applications, processes and print devices that power your day-to-day business helps to eliminate miscommunications and tech conflicts that can have serious business impacts.

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Marco Kuster
Head of Innovation and Digitization

MHC has empowered us to be an innovator in our field

We now provide new services to our customers,
increasing our value to them and growing our top-line revenue.

Steve Turner
Director Billing Services

MHC has been a great solution to automate large monthly statement runs very quickly and efficiently 

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MHC’s dynamic capabilities are second-to-none and its modular product portfolio makes it very adaptable to customer needs.

José Luis Betances
Director, Business Analysis

MHC’s design tool puts power in the hands of our business users, freeing up IT.

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Mel Yuson
Enterprise Architect, Essilor International S.A.

The biggest differentiator is the support and commitment to the customer.

I can say [EngageCX] also owns the same objective that we have in Essilor IT. With that same ownership mindset, the challenges and struggles that we face along the way become a lot manageable and able to resolve with permanent solutions.”

The difference will be evident in the experience

Essilor, an eyeglass design, manufacture, and customization company has increased rendering and printing efficiency with MHC.
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