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Be the Ultimate Coordinator with the Ultimate Automation Solution

Product Operations serves as the master of ceremonies for the product team and other related departments, and indeed across the entire company as new products are developed to offer to customers. As the role tasked with ensuring the product team functions as efficiently and clearly as possible, it’s imperative that the product operations manager is equipped with the proper tools to help them do their job. MHC automation solutions are the perfect partner to support product ops for success.

Product Operations Software Tools from MHC

Customer feedback and input are crucial components of the product development process, which is why mapping the customer’s journey as new products are introduced and deployed must be an area of focus for product operations. MHC’s Customer Journey Mapping tracks, records, and analyzes all customer touchpoints to empower product operations with useful insights they can then incorporate into product development.

No new product can proceed successfully without a plethora of documents to support its introduction, education, use, and technical support. Product operations managers can find immense support from MHC’s Document Automation solution to create, organize, and distribute the wealth of documents needed for product development to ensure each stakeholder and audience has the materials and information that best ensures the product will work the way it should.

Workflow Process Automation

As the manager over product operations, you have the power to set up the systems and workflows that will help your team function and bridge gaps across departmental divides. MHC Workflow Automation is your solution for establishing protocols, streamlining approvals, centralizing communications, and adhering to processes throughout product development.

Employee Onboarding

Product teams are growing constantly as innovation and listening to customers helps businesses drive forward with new things to offer. It’s imperative for product operations managers to educate and onboard new members of the product team quickly and effectively. MHC’s Employee Onboarding solution provides a consistent approach for each new team member to ensure they know what they need to know to be effective.
As new and even existing products are sold to customers, there is a constant need to communicate how-to’s, updates, troubleshooting, and educational materials to promote proper use and excellent customer experience. Product ops managers can rely on MHC’s High-Volume Document Production to rapidly develop and deploy high volumes of documentation to the proper audiences.

Once a product is developed or iterated, getting it into the hands of customers is the obvious and crucial end result of the entire process. MHC’s Shipping and Receiving Documentation solution provides product ops managers and their teams visibility and oversight with constant tracking of when each product is shipped and then received to the awaiting customer.

For every document, there should be a template. Unfortunately, the more people involved in communicating about any topic, including product development, the more inconsistencies and inaccuracies can pop up along the way. Product ops managers can quickly and easily build templates for future use using MHC’s Document Template Management, making it easier for all appropriate users to stay on brand and in format.


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Handle the Hurdles of Product Operations Management with Automation Software  

There are enough challenges to face down as a product operations manager coordinating the product team, letting them focus on the job at hand as they develop new solutions while facilitating connection with colleagues through the business as well as customers. MHC automation software can meet the challenges and help you shine as a product operations professional.

1. Your team has too many tools to work with.

The different platforms and software tools your product team uses can turn into a problematic patchwork over time. Each team member must know how to use each individual tool, and how it works in conjunction with other tools, and this effort takes time away from focusing on actual development tasks.

MHC automation offers a single, superbly functional software solution that reduces the number of tools your team must use by centralizing everything they need into one interface. MHC software integrates with your existing systems and works like a cog to bring them all together under one UI.

2. Communication fragments between the Product team and just about everyone else.

As each step is taken to develop a product, your team can get laser-focused on the job at hand and forget that the rest of their colleagues throughout the business need regular updates on progress. The sales team needs to know how the product works for customers so they can sell it. The marketing team needs to understand what problems the product solves so they can generate leads. Your customers need to get strategic updates so they know what’s becoming available to them.

MHC’s communication management tools help product operations stay ahead of timely communications. Templates can be easily designed and created. Messaging can be prepared and scheduled quickly. Engagement with each touchpoint can be tracked and measured for effectiveness. Product operations can finally help the product team decrease frustration from other teams by presenting cohesive and comprehensive communication.

3. Spending too much time on obstacles in the workflow process.

Product managers often spend too much time on a quest for documentation and performing routine tasks like coordinating team meeting cadences, working on general product development tasks, and obtaining necessary approvals in a timely manner. Every delay or unforeseen hiccup can impact actual product development work and deliverability of the final product.

By automating your workflows using MHC software, tasks and processes become more streamlined and save you and your team precious minutes they need for what they do best. Approvals can be routed and completed automatically. Meetings and updates can be centralized and scheduled with visibility into calendars and automatic reminders.

4. New product team members receive inconsistent or confusing onboarding

Product development is part of a company’s growth, and thus the product team often needs to scale rapidly as innovation progresses. As more product leaders and new product managers are added to the team, the onboarding process can become inconsistent so new team members are learning conflicting things.

MHC’s employee onboarding solutions help product operations managers set up templates, training, routine communications, and consistent support for those who onboard and those who are onboarded. Train the same way every time, for every individual, with the assistance of enforced workflows.

5. Needing to analyze data but lacking the time to pull it together

Data is key to product development. It doesn’t lie, and it tells the product team definitively if they’re heading in the right direction in any area and at any point. Yet manually pulling this data from multiple areas and formats is very time-consuming, yet also very crucial, so product ops managers can feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

MHC’s data extraction capabilities can be configured to pull the data you need into the format you want for rapid analysis as well as clean reporting to leadership.

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