Make Payroll a Breeze

Is your payroll team facing challenges meeting employees’ expectations? Consider integrated & automated solutions found in Content Management for Payroll.

Provide a Leading Employee Experience

Payroll departments understand that employees are their key audience. In an ever-changing world dominated by the demand for digital access by employees, the challenges faced by payroll resources are growing. Take a moment to discover how MHC can help your payroll department succeed.

Solutions Designed for Payroll Teams

Process and Disburse Payroll

Process and disburse payroll payments via direct deposit or customer-designed printed check using one integrated platform.

Distribute Related Payroll Documents

Distribute related payroll documents to employees and contractors with MHC’s digital content automation platform.

Provide Online Access

Employees and staff can access payroll documents, such as paystubs and tax documents online and on-the-go.

Make Audits and Compliance Simpler

Audit and compliance in the employee payroll space is becoming increasingly more regulated. When your payroll system is unable to meet ever-changing compliance and notification requirements, look to MHC to help.

Manage Inactive Employees Efficiently

A major pain point for payroll teams is managing inactive employees’ documents. Why not provide online access to reduce the amount of calls and questions from retired, terminated or employees on leave.

Easy Tax Document Processing

MHC’s payroll department solutions make the most hectic time of the year for payroll teams – year-end reporting — a more efficient and manageable process.


Get to Know MHC

Find out how you can combine and configure MHC’s solutions to automate your most critical processes and empower teams to meet their goals. 

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Improve Employee Communications & Interactions

Payroll Document Output

Looking for a more efficient way to create and manage payroll documents? MHC Document Express automatically interfaces with your ERP system to collect data and convert it into legible employee-specific documents, such as pay stubs and W-2s.

Communicate shift differentials and pay rates clearly with document customization features. Then send documents to the printer or send them to employees electronically using MHC Document Self-Service.

Common Uses:

  • Paystubs
  • live payroll checks
  • W-2s
  • and more!

Spend less time answering employee questions

With MHC’s document output platform, you control the format of employee-specific documents, ultimately reducing confusion and questions. Employees also have options to choose direct deposit or paper check.

Allow employees to choose their delivery method for payroll documents

Whether employees receive paper checks, emailed pay stubs or online pay stubs, MHC Document Express delivers functionality to simplify payroll administration and increase employee satisfaction.

Securely send electronic direct deposit advices to employees

For organizations that do not have MHC Document Self-Service for payroll, MHC Software’s ePay feature automatically generates and emails password-protected direct deposit advice PDFs, allowing payroll to go paperless.

Comply with state and federal requirements

Simple configuration options enable you to stay current with your requirements around managing payroll and tax documents.

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Self-Service Document Delivery 

Users in the digital age expect immediate access to information. Human resources, payroll, accounts payable, and other departments need to deliver documents to their customers – including employees, retirees, contractors, vendors, and beyond.

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