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Human Resources (HR) professionals understand that employees are the most critical asset to make an organization successful. The competition to attract and retain talent is fierce – fast and secure access to employee information is critical at every stage of the employee lifecycle.

Designed for Human Resources Teams

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Process and disburse payroll payments via direct deposit or customer-designed printed check using one integrated platform.

Flexible Workflow Options

The flexibility to upload employee documents to employee records with or without workflow automation processing. MHC’s HR solution will integrate with existing workflow solutions too.

Leverage Digital Forms

Use integrated digital forms to automate expense requests, HR changes to employee files, and more. MHC can deploy a custom form to suit your specific needs, simply contact us for more information.

Generate & Distribute Documents

Generate and distribute documents at the click of a button. Employees and managers can then access these documents digitally 24/7/365.

Self-Service Access

Employees, both active and inactive, can access their tax documents, paystubs and more from the comfort of their own home and your organization eliminates the printing & distribution costs.

Data Backup & Recovery

Maintain a digital backup of employee records and documents in case of emergency or risk of disaster. Reduce reliance on paper.

Mobile-Responsive Employee Document Access


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Solve Common and Complex Challenges Alike

Provide self-service access

Provide self-service access to employee documents, so that they can access their information on their own terms. Reduce the amount of calls and emails into your HR department by integrating and automating employee document delivery with self-service access. This solution can be used for everything from IT security compliance acknowledgements to employment contract agreements — the uses are endless.

Designed for active & inactive employees

Managing active and inactive employees can be a challenging process. Our HR department solution helps solve the quandary of providing online access to inactive employees. Inactive employees include retirees, employees on leave, seasonal employees and those deployed in the armed forces.

Better manage compliance processes

MHC’s online self-service document agreement functionality allows organizations to deliver personal documents on an individual level or enterprise-wide without needing to use paper. Individual acceptance and agreements are automatically recorded for audit and compliance purposes. Our HR solution meets necessary requirements by the IRS and other regulatory bodies for data compliance.

Reduce paper, calls & emails by automating

Reduce the amount of paper, inbound calls and email communications to your HR department by providing digital access to employee documents, customized web forms to capture data, and workflow to prioritize and assign inbound HR tasks.

Visibility for employees & their managers

Both employees and their managers have access to the same information, creating a completely transparent process. MHC’s HR enterprise solution can be integrated with your HR or HCM platform to create a seamless user experience for employees and their managers.

Streamline year-end tax documents

MHC Software offers a variety of solutions to streamline tax document processing. We can provide your HR department with complete end-to-end solutions for:

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Document Automation

MHC’s enterprise document print & distribution services enable organizations to outsource the creation and distribution of documents across the enterprise. If you have paper documents that need to be created, printed, and distributed, we can help.

Self-Service Document Delivery 

Users in the digital age expect immediate access to information. Human resources, payroll, accounts payable, and other departments need to deliver documents to their customers – including employees, retirees, contractors, vendors, and beyond.

Intelligent Web Forms

Streamline HR processes using web forms for employee and manager interactions. HR administrators can leverage web forms to automate data entry for corrective action forms, employee change form requests, onboarding and tax documents, and more.

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