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Your team tackles specific projects and tasks. Your automation solution should be just as specific. 

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Each department within your business is like a part of the body that must perform a very unique or specialized set of tasks. Yet, just as with the human body, each department doesn’t or shouldn’t work in a silo; their success or failure impacts other parts as well as their own.  If each part is able to function well, the entire body is in great shape! If a single or multiple parts start to fail, crisis is imminent for your business.

MHC automation is the perfect partner for each of your company’s departments because it supports their specialized processes and goals as well as providing connectivity and centralization across departmental divides. Explore your department below that could benefit from the power of automation to generate success across the entire enterprise.


For a department that directly impacts your company’s bottom line, all eyes are on AP to maintain accuracy, process invoices rapidly, even glean discounts from vendors and suppliers. Use MHC’s invoice automation, OCR technology, and workflow processing flexibility to help your Accounts Payable department be a powerhouse.

Finance & Accounting

With their mind on the money and money on their mind, your Finance and Accounting personnel can certainly use any tools that help them to streamline payments and find ways to reduce costs while increasing revenue. Automation supports your money-minded departments with digital as well as print options.


From start to finish, you should know how your customers are interacting with your business, feeling about your business, and spending money with your business. Customer Operations departments can benefit vastly from automation working in customer communications, journey mapping, and customer engagement.


Whatever your company is providing, be it product or service, your team’s ability to develop the solutions you offer is an area primed for productivity and automation. Empower your Product Ops department with tools that centralize training, engineering, analysis, onboarding, and policies, just to name a few.

Supply Chain Management

From procurement to payment of supplies, whether for your business or supplies you provide to customers, your team is tasked with avoiding costly delays, errors, and miscommunications. By using automation, your Supply Chain personnel can centralize their efforts and save your business time and expense.

Information Technology

When your entire company needs to prepare documents or send communications, your IT department is the gateway or “green light” to providing every channel available. Working across multiple departments with unique needs can be supported by powerful automation solutions that bridge gaps and centralize systems.

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