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Customer Communications Management

Automate the entire customer communication process, from production and assembly to personalization and omnichannel delivery.
Customer Communications Management

How Automation Solves Key Communication Challenges

Customer communication management (CCM) isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind when businesses think about investing in automation, but it should be. Consider how many of your communications with customers involve sensitive, personally identifiable information (PII), financial data, information critical to regulatory compliance, and other data where human error or delays can lead to costly impacts or violations.

Consider how many customers you need to reach, and how frequent and personalized they expect those communications to be. An automated system with touchless processing capability not only helps to eliminate much of that risk, especially for businesses that need to create and distribute large volumes of documents. It also puts communication tools in the hands of business users who understand your organization’s and customers’ unique needs.

Customers expect clarity in business communications. A full-stack customer communication management platform that leverages standardized and configuration-based templates helps to ensure clear, consistent messaging while reducing operational costs. Let’s look at some of the ways the right software can mitigate common CCM challenges.

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Simplified and Effective Template Management

Setting up personalized print, mobile, and other formats to match communications with preferred schedules and channels for each recipient can quickly snowball to hundreds of thousands of templates. Reduce template overpopulation by creating templates that are flexible enough to support many communications, enable on-brand content all the time, and can be leveraged on multiple channels. Other, more technically complex solutions limit your ability to be agile and make changes. That makes it impossible to optimize documents and streamline thousands of templates into a manageable handful.. Create documents with reusable components, integrated metadata tags, filters, and conditional branding elements like content, fonts, and logos with an intuitive interface and online web editing that’s easy to use even for non-technical personnel.

Complex Data Integration and Omnichannel Distribution

Rounding up all the necessary customer communication data from everywhere it lives often involves writing custom code or contracting out to a third party. Built-in data integration and an open API framework allows you to process multiple types of data, pulling information from sources including the cloud, databases, xml, and websites – now, and in the future when requirements change. Customers expect timely, impactful, relevant content from any and all of their preferred channels and devices.

Supervised Workflow Review and Approval

Flexible, integrated version control makes it easy for managers to oversee different versions of communications. That in turn makes it easier to review and approve processes, follow audit trails, and enforce policy. Identify potential issues, recognize patterns and trends and maintain a consistent tone and message that ensures the accuracy, compliance, and effectiveness of your communications.

Integrated Workflows Across Teams

Phase out tedious manual tasks and automatically delegate work to specific resources using access-based workflow processes. Keep language and messaging consistent across your entire platform, no matter who’s contributing content. Reduce bottlenecks and last-minute changes by allowing maintenance access to all required levels in the organization.

Scalable CCM Software

Ensure smooth, reliable functionality from inception to production to delivery with a comprehensive CCM system that eliminates the need for third-party solutions. Full-stack customer communication management software designed to scale and grow along with your business saves time and money, keeps your tech up-to-date, and gives your platform room to flex and grow along with seasonal demand, surges in production volume, and new or unique business needs.

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MHC’s modern CCM platform has customer-centricity at its heart, enabling it to empower customers to meet their evolving business goals. While EngageCX is a very rounded suite in itself, MHC has taken it even further by incorporating it within its newly developed MHC NorthStar platform, allowing it to serve as a versatile front-end CX layer to back-end automation processes. The new combination delivers a powerful and agile platform that is poised for exciting growth.

Kaspar Roos
CEO & Founder of Aspire

Automate Your Way to Easier Document Control with

MHC EngageCX

MHC’s EngageCX solution is a full-stack platform that powers touchless customer communication processing, from production and assembly to personalization and omnichannel delivery. Strong communication and experience management functionality lets managers and other business users coordinate and execute entire communication processes without requiring IT. EngageCX meets the demands of all kinds of work environments and deployment needs whether your communications team operates primarily onsite, remotely, or in a hybrid setting. Get full functionality whether your solution is deployed on-premises, via the cloud or in a hybrid environment. The MHC EngageCX platform is made up of three key components that allow enterprise businesses to:

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Essilor Improves Operational Efficiency with Rendering and Printing Stability

Reduced print
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Automate Document Creation

Automate Document Creation

Robust template management functionality allows you to assemble critical and transactional documents while reusing content fragments to keep the level of touchless automation high and the volume of templates low. Non-technical team members can create fast, professional, configurable templates that maintain compliance with regulations and brand standards, even in industries where those regulations change frequently.

Personalize Customer Communications

MHC EngageCX is a single, centralized solution to make updates and changes across departments, business units and geographies. With support for more than 20 outputs and the ability to support multi-lingual communications, you can maintain personalized communication with a wide range of customers and be confident no one’s needs get overlooked.

Personalize Customer Communications
Provide a Differentiated Customer Experience

Provide a Differentiated Customer Experience

MHC real-time data analytics let you track user behavior at key touchpoints in a customer journey and identify what’s working and what isn’t for each individual customer. Those insights enable you to capture preferences for future interactions, building trust and loyalty with your valued customers.

Additional Features & Functionality

Unlike many CCM solutions created and maintained largely by IT departments, MHC EngageCX features communication tools designed for use by business users. The result is a CCM solution that even non-technical team members can manage, giving you greater ability to adapt and evolve without IT staffing constraints. Capture customer preferences, personalize communications based on those preferences, and deliver them via whatever channel your customer prefers. Some of our key features include:

Personalized Communications

Choose the language, tone, and channel (including print, email, SMS, online interactive documents, and more) of your communications based on past messaging, previous interactions, and other considerations.

Workflow Management

Build comprehensive communication workflows across all of your core functions, with drag-and-drop functionality that makes it easy for anyone on your team to create and manage dynamic workflows. Automate the collection of data from multiple sources and apply that data to one or more templates. Review and approve processes and assemble multiple assets into a single package. Transmit on-demand or batch communications via multi-channel distribution and a user-friendly interface.

Digital Forms

Collect customer data from multiple channels, including self-service forms, call center agents, field personnel, and outside agencies. Create interactive correspondence by applying user-entered data directly to documents and emails. Generate personalized quotes, create new customer accounts, initialize new support cases, gather new sales leads, and more.

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Automated Customer Experience (CX) & Engagement

Map out customer journeys and deliver high-impact communications at specified milestones based on events or triggers from data or actions in any number of other systems. Use 360-degree customer engagement analytics to create fully interactive documents tailored to individual preferences.

Template & Asset Library

Organize hundreds of templates and their components (including common text elements, company logos and branding, and disclaimers) into a single library. Build and modify templates with an easy-to-use visual designer, and consolidate messaging to ensure consistent communications across all channels.

Omnichannel Communications

Choose between traditional print channels, a selection of electronic delivery channels, or a combination of the two. Deliver real-time communications and interactive forms and documents optimized for phones, tablets, PCs, and other devices.

Smart Documents

Get real-time insights into customer behavior and interaction with your communications using a dynamic, self-service-based web document analytics experience available on any device. Look past static documents and reach your audiences with interactive, responsive documents. Reduce call center costs by answering questions before they are asked without having thousands of variations of data in your communications. Let your customers drive their preferred experience and consume the information they want, when and how they want it.

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Build the Communications You and Your Customers Need

Batch CCM

Build Communications in Batch

Batch communications are documents generated in large numbers and sent to individual customers. Batch communications are often transactional and completed in very high volumes and can include invoices, statements, collections letters, product announcements, promotions, appointment reminders, and more. EngageCX generates and delivers batch communications as a touchless process that is reliable and scalable to meet current needs and future growth.

Build Communications on Demand

On-demand communications react to customers’ requests and preferences in real time. Give your customers the freedom to view and print their own statements, invoices, welcome packets, sales quotes, contracts, and more. Advanced omnichannel capabilities and interactive, smart documents personalize your customers’ experience and give customers on-demand access to the information they need, whenever they need it. 

on Demand CCM
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Marco Kuster
Head of Innovation and Digitization

MHC has empowered us to be an innovator in our field

We now provide new services to our customers,
increasing our value to them and growing our top-line revenue.

Steve Turner
Director Billing Services

MHC has been a great solution to automate large monthly statement runs very quickly and efficiently 

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MHC’s dynamic capabilities are second-to-none and its modular product portfolio makes it very adaptable to customer needs.

José Luis Betances
Director, Business Analysis

MHC’s design tool puts power in the hands of our business users, freeing up IT.

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Mel Yuson
Enterprise Architect, Essilor International S.A.

The biggest differentiator is the support and commitment to the customer.

I can say [EngageCX] also owns the same objective that we have in Essilor IT. With that same ownership mindset, the challenges and struggles that we face along the way become a lot manageable and able to resolve with permanent solutions.”

The difference will be evident in the experience

Essilor, an eyeglass design, manufacture, and customization company has increased rendering and printing efficiency with MHC.
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