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Deliver required compliance documents and communications in an accurate, personalized way.

Reduce Risk with Automated Tax and Compliance Communication Solutions

No matter what products or services your organization offers, relevant and useful communication with your valued customers is essential. Depending on your industry and the locations where you operate, though, those communications aren’t always as easy as they should be. In industries and jurisdictions that set specific rules about content and how, when, and by what methods businesses are required to engage with their customers, maintaining compliance with applicable regulations and standards can be a complicated process.

An effective Customer Communication Management (CCM) solution needs to address a wide range of compliance documentation and communications challenges, including but not limited to:

  • Creating and distributing documents mandated by your industry’s regulations
  • Keeping up with constantly evolving regulations, including compliance requirements specific to your industry
  • Flexibility to allow business owners to make necessary changes in real time without relying on IT
  • Minimizing expenses related to rising costs of paper and distribution
  • Collecting data from a disparate range of sources while staying compliant with cross-departmental policies and requirements
  • Increasing control and auditability, including version control with visibility into all changes made
  • Pulling data from all necessary sources to create properly formatted regulatory reports, statements and letters
  • Creating and distributing large volumes of time-sensitive tax documents, including situations when email distribution is not allowed


Kyle Hartung, MHC Customer Success Account Executive
October 25 and November 29, 2023

Don’t wait! Time is flying and next thing you know you’ll blink, and it will be January. Prepare now and thank yourself later when you’re FINALLY able to avoid the flustered feeling, tiresome long days, and additional stress that only tax season can provide. MHC offers solutions built to help customers simplify the creation and distribution of their tax documents that can be used individually or together to meet your business needs. Take control and join this webinar to learn different ways to save yourself time and stress. Save your seat today!

MHC’s modern CCM platform has customer-centricity at its heart, enabling it to empower customers to meet their evolving business goals. While EngageCX is a very rounded suite in itself, MHC has taken it even further by incorporating it within its newly developed MHC NorthStar platform, allowing it to serve as a versatile front-end CX layer to back-end automation processes. The new combination delivers a powerful and agile platform that is poised for exciting growth.

Kaspar Roos
CEO & Founder of Aspire


Unleash the power of automated customer communications with

MHC EngageCX

MHC’s EngageCX software offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that not only streamline your communication processes, help you automate the creation of compliant documents, and give you direct control, but also deliver key benefits to your customers, with well-designed and engaging communications.

Create More Impactful Documents with MHC Automation

MHC was developed with high-volume, enterprise organizations in mind. Our document automation software goes the extra mile with a system that’s intuitive enough for non-technical employees to create documents quickly and accurately, yet powerful enough to handle complex document generation for high-volume vendors. In a business environment where speed, accuracy, and flexibility are at a premium, MHC helps manage your document processes from creation to assembly to delivery.  

Simplified Template Management
Assemble critical compliance documents with robust template management functionality. Reusable content fragments help to reduce the volume of templates with a touchless, automated experience that can be managed even by non-technical team members. (…)

Visible version control
Easily track and view changes to your process and templates as your team works. Flexible security rules give you greater control over and visibility into the ways your communications change over time, allowing you to manage compliance consistently and efficiently.

Integrated Workflow Management
Compliance and tax documents are complex. Integrating all of the potential variables into each workflow takes serious time and effort. EngageCX provides drag-and-drop functionality that simplifies the process of creating and managing dynamic workflows across all of your core functions.

Multi-sourced Data
Efficient tax and compliance communications require pulling data from multiple sources across a variety of channels. EngageCX automatically collects data from different departments while ensuring that all information remains compliant with all relevant regulations and internal policies

Experience it today!
Agile and reliable delivery of high-impact communications when it matters most. Easily integrated with your business systems, utilizing our cloud-based platform will guide you to communication success.

Multi-department approvals
Reduce the time spent securing approvals across various internal channels. Get quick, confident sign-offs from your legal, marketing, and executive teams, as well as any other department whose approval is required for compliance.

Futureproof Your Compliance Communications
Easily scale your document compliance creation and distribution as government mandates and industry regulations evolve. Transform compliance documents at scale as requirements change across your core business processes.

Omnichannel Communications
Choose between traditional print channels, a selection of electronic delivery channels, or a combination of the two depending on what’s required of your communications.

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Marco Kuster
Head of Innovation and Digitization

MHC has empowered us to be an innovator in our field

We now provide new services to our customers,
increasing our value to them and growing our top-line revenue.

Randy Leatherwood
Director of Application

We have achieved incredible value with MHC’s solution, and that value will increase exponentially as we continue to deploy the solution to additional processes.

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Aspire Leaderboard

MHC’s dynamic capabilities are second-to-none and its modular product portfolio makes it very adaptable to customer needs.

José Luis Betances
Director, Business Analysis

MHC’s design tool puts power in the hands of our business users, freeing up IT.

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Mel Yuson
Enterprise Architect, Essilor International S.A.

The Professional Service is the handholding.

And not even just handholding. It can be a takeover in the first few months, first few weeks until the internal teams learn. Confidence building. Along the way, we are confident. But there are new things coming in. There’s a fallback – there’s a Professional Service.”

The difference will be evident in the experience

Essilor, an eyeglass design, manufacture, and customization company has increased rendering and printing efficiency with MHC.


Gina Armada, CEO of MHC
September 20, 2023

Watch MHC’s CEO, Gina Armada, at Xplor 2023 and learn how several organizations created the triple-win environment for customer compliance communications – a win for the organization, its customers, and its employees. Whether you are in a highly regulated industry or not, compliance can be a challenge for any organization. There is no room for failure when it comes to compliance, and the need for reliability and agility in your day-to-day processes is paramount to a stress-free work environment.

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