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Automating the creation and distribution of tax and compliance documents prevents compliance risk and ensures timely delivery.

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AP-Integrated Tax Documents Solutions from MHC

Experience simplified tax document generation and distribution with MHC. Our customer-centric AP-integrated software streamlines vendor relationship management, ensuring smooth year-end tax processing. Let our automated outputs effortlessly handle the processing and distribution, whether you’re dealing with thousands of 1099s or just a single form. If you prefer paper copies, trust us to manage the secure processing and distribution. Our flexible solutions are designed to adapt to your unique financial controls and seamlessly navigate regulatory changes, all with your needs in mind.

MHC helps customers manage accounts payable tax document processing in ways that are:

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Seamless integration with ERP and enterprise systems lets you transmit data automatically while balancing your document counts and currency values.

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Automated document management and distribution helps to ensure that your customers have all the necessary documents for regulatory and financial compliance.

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Being able to access and create a wide range of digital or physical tax and compliance documents when and where you need them simplifies processes and reduces the risk of costly errors.

Reduced Costs


Moving to automated tax document management saves money by reducing AP staff’s time on repetitive tasks, eliminating paper-related costs with digital delivery options, and simplifying risk and compliance management.

Our customers love us

MHC Software has some of the best customer service out there. I have worked with a large number of vendors and MHC has been consistently responsive to our needs over the past 8+ years. Their software is solid and performs well across all areas of our businesses. MHC prices are competitive and are well worth it when you throw in their world-class customer service.

Russell W.
Senior Database Administrator III

Every Tax and Compliance Document You Need

MHC document automation solutions facilitate easy management of 1099 tax forms and dozens of other key tax and compliance documents across accounts payable, payroll, benefits, and other industry-specific operations functions, including:

1099-MISC, 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, 1099-NEC

1099-R, 1099-K, 1099-G, 1099-C, 1099-S, 1099-B

FDA Compliance


Puerto Rican W-2s, Puerto Rican 1099s

Guam W-2s and W-2GU

Virgin Islands W-2VI

1095-Cs, 1095-Bs

T4 and T4A

T4A-NR and Relevé








CA 592-B


Kyle Hartung, MHC Customer Success Account Executive
November 29, 2023

Don’t wait! Time is flying and next thing you know you’ll blink, and it will be January. Prepare now and thank yourself later when you’re FINALLY able to avoid the flustered feeling, tiresome long days, and additional stress that only tax season can provide. MHC offers solutions built to help customers simplify the creation and distribution of their tax documents that can be used individually or together to meet your business needs. Take control and join this webinar to learn different ways to save yourself time and stress. Save your seat today!


Why Automate Your AP Tax Document Creation and Distribution?

Manually managing the creation and distribution of tax and compliance documents is overwhelming. An integrated automated system streamlines your documentation processes, improves recipient relationships, and significantly cuts your AP team’s time spent on document creation and distribution. Automation is the pragmatic long-term solution, particularly for businesses struggling with regulatory reporting and compliance within manual AP processes.

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Kris H

You won’t regret the decision going with MHC. Excellent software and company!

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Sonia Herriman
Business Systems Analyst
Human Resources Consulting Firm

MHC is still my most ‘Favored Vendor’ that I work with because of the great customer service! Whenever I call customer support, I am helped right away by knowledgeable and friendly technical reps.

Margie Gyurisin
HR Systems Analyst
Summit Health

MHC has always been very responsive and easy to work with.

Amanda Grimmer

They are very thorough, knowledgeable – MHC products are very easy to use.

Dan B
City of Greensboro

I just want to say without a doubt that MHC has the best customer service on earth.”

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