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Simplify the processing of invoices and payments while reducing costs, errors, and time-consuming tasks.
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Simplify Your AP Processing and Boost Cash Flow Visibility

Handling large volumes of invoices from large volumes of vendors with any level of manual processing eats up a lot of time and resources, especially when those invoices arrive via a variety of delivery methods. The higher the volume, the greater the chance of human error, invoice exceptions, and delayed payments that slow down the entire process and put your business at risk for credit holds, late fees and missed early payment discounts. All of those factors put serious strains on your vendor relationships, the connections that keep your business operating effectively.

Those problems are only compounded if your accounts payable team doesn’t have enough visibility into the status of invoice processing or the dollar amounts of each invoice. A lack of visibility makes it harder for your AP team to identify and address discrepancies, manage invoice spend, audit invoice approvals, track lost invoices, manage cash flow, and other key accounts payable functions. Poor visibility into invoice statuses also causes confusion for vendors and internal stakeholders, creating more questions that your AP team has to spend time answering.

The Case for AP Automation

Moving from more manual AP processes to an automated accounts payable solution allows your AP team to improve vendor relationships and simplify the processing of invoices and payments while reducing costs, errors, and time-consuming tasks. With accounts payable automation software, your team can:

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Eliminate time spent on manual invoice
data entry by automatically extracting invoice header and line-item data from invoices without requiring a new setup for each vendor’s format

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Reduce time spent handling exceptions
by automatically routing invoices based on configurable business rules

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Cut down on journal entry adjustments
and other rework by enabling invoice approvers and budget owners to submit ERP-validated GL coding for non-PO invoices

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View outstanding payables at a glance and never lose sight of outstanding liabilities

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Reduce bottlenecks and delays
by monitoring the flow of invoice and payment processing using a single source of information

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Consolidate invoices into single
automated payments via ACH with electronic remittances or checks with positive pay based on invoice due dates and vendor preferences

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Reduce the volume of invoices
your AP team has to handle by deploying end-to-end automation and built-in checkpoints

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MHC offers solutions to streamline business processes that take your efficiency to the next level. They truly care about their customers and go above and beyond to ensure that the products they offer function well. They are readily available when needed and always there to help. They offer a variety of business automation solutions to help companies focus on what matters!”

Meet NorthStar

AP Automation Solutions

MHC NorthStar for AP puts control of your invoice and payment processing in the hands of your AP team, empowering them to handle a higher volume of invoices and payments with the same or fewer resources. That increased efficiency boosts your bottom line by making it easier to reduce invoice late fees, receive discounts for early payments, eliminate duplicate invoices, and increase visibility into outstanding liabilities to enable wise spending decisions.

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Your business processes a high volume of invoices from a wide range of sources, delivered in a variety of digital and physical formats. Cut out the confusion, reduce risk, and speed up processing times with a flexible, automated invoice processing solution that learns and grows along with your business.


Streamline your AP payments process with an automated accounts payable solution that configures to each customer’s specific business needs. Maintain compliance, reduce your AP team’s workload, and ensure that payments are made accurately, on time, and in the way that each vendor prefers to be paid.

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Simplify your year-end tax process with an automated solution that integrates easily with your enterprise systems. Reduce costs, improve communication with vendors, and help to ensure compliance with regulations and internal policies.


Cut down on miscommunications, human error, and downstream discrepancies and the costly delays that come with them. Keep your supply chain flowing with accurate, automated document creation and processing that won’t interrupt your operations.

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Key Features and Functionality

Intelligent Invoice Capture

Speed up data extraction and increase quality with intelligent document processing powered by machine learning. Our solution trains itself to process irregular document layouts and extract invoice data from any source, including digital and paper invoices.

Pre-Built AP Workflows

Speed up implementation, simplify ongoing maintenance, and handle common AP needs like data validation and duplicate invoice detection with configurable, pre-built AP workflows.

Business User Configurable Routing

Spend less time handling exceptions and boost straight-through, touchless processing by automating invoice routing with configurable business rules.

Easy-Access Approval Processing

Allow authorized resources to approve invoices from any device and any workspace, whether onsite or remote, anywhere in the world.

Web Forms

Generate, store, and route employee reimbursements, payment requests, and other responsive web forms with a user-friendly tool that’s easy even for non-IT personnel. Conditional logic allows users to automate ERP data integration and other workflow processes.

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Dynamic Image Retrieval

Retrieve supporting documentation for invoices and payments directly from ERP system forms in context with related data.

Speedy Auditing

Quickly search for invoices and payments and track detailed history for each document, including workflow steps, user actions, dates, and comments. Breeze through external audits with a fully documented history of actions.

Touchless General Ledger Coding

Automatically GL-code invoices based on past patterns and enforce ERP-validated GL coding for all non-PO invoices.

Role-Based Dashboards and Reports

Optimize work leveraging dashboards and high quality reports with charts and graphs of key AP areas, including invoice spend summaries and statuses, unprocessed invoices, invoices sorted by team members or due dates, upcoming tasks, and more.

Flexible Payment Processing

Tailor your payment processing to meet your vendors’ specific needs and set flexible payment approval rules with capabilities for ACH payments, electronic remittances, positive pay files, paper checks, and all related documents. Want someone to handle paper checks for you? MHC’s full-service offering supports paper check printing and distribution.

Software is stable, works well, and is easy to use.

Support is very helpful. Implementation team very interested in finding way to streamline both up downstream and upstream process related to Accounts Payable.

Michele Teer Accounting, CoxHealth

Our accounts payable system is ran through MHC. It’s very easy to manage. 

Keith T
Hospital & Healthcare

What problems are you solving with the product?

Document and Forms Generation, Accounts Payable Automation with OCR, integration with HR, Finance and Supply Chain ERP software.

Hospital & Healthcare

MHC provided seamless integration into our ERP system:

purchase orders, invoices, and eForm. Support is exceptional and readily available during business hours. Always helpful on special projects.

MHC has made us more efficient.

Very helpful in automating financial processes. The added efficiencies allow workers to increase their roles and spend more time on projects.

It’s just a good company to work with.

Leveraging a smooth integration with their existing ERP, CoxHealth engaged MHC to maximize check printing, automate routing and approvals, digitize tax and payroll documentation, and improve their document imaging processes.

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