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We’re in the day when one-size-fits-all software solutions fall short of actually meeting customer requirements. MHC Professional Services bridge the gap.

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Value Promised. Value Delivered.

We deliver the unique solution our customers need while keeping their configuration flexible to meet their future needs. Adding value, without unnecessary and costly features. To complement our value-centric software solutions, our professional teams guide customer implementations and technical support through patient, thoughtful expertise that leaves our customers thrilled and delighted.

Service Offerings Designed with You in Mind

Service Offerings

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Enterprise System Integrations
MHC understands that organizations need flexibility now and in the future as their needs and systems change. We purposefully engineer our solutions to integrate with and complement any combination of enterprise systems so that customers can continue to grow and evolve with right-sized content solutions.

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Document Disaster Recovery
In the event of an emergency, MHC’s Processing Center will continue providing document printing and distribution until your organization is able to resume normal business operations. We’re essentially the best insurance policy you can have, ready to step in when the worst happens so outcomes aren’t the worst.

AP Invoice Automation icon

AP Invoice Automation Optimization
Improve financial management, speed up processing, capture discounts, and increase visibility to payables with a little help and support from our professionals. We’ll get you to where every cent and transaction works the way you need it to.

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Workflow Process Design & Optimization
Make your internal systems work better than ever before as they enforce processes, capture acceptance/approvals, monitor progress, and improve control and auditing. MHC professional services will be your guide to create the workflows you’ve always wanted.

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Business Document Forms Design
Improve communication through business documents designed with exacting precision and tailored to your needs in a way that projects your brand and identity. Even if you’re not a designer, MHC will help you get familiarized with our easy creation tools.

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Web Forms Design
Replace paper forms and inefficient processing with intelligent web forms. Since your customers and stakeholders are already used to taps and clicks to get them where they want to be, MHC will assist you in setting up web forms the right way to seamlessly capture the data you always need.

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Software as a Service (SaaS)
MHC offers cloud solutions engineered for integration that deliver the security and support you deserve. We consider your existing systems and situation so that our recommendations match your expectations.

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A Free ROI Analysis
We believe that every organization has unique needs and that no one solution will work for everyone. Let us help determine a solution tailored to meet your needs and how to get the most out of your investment.

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Custom Extensions
Extend your ability to communicate beyond your business systems with custom extensions and MHC’s turnkey integration connectors. Your unique needs help us configure our solution to be effortless as your teams begin to discover how easy it is to do their jobs now.

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On-Site Consulting & Implementation
There are times when there is no way to replace the value of face-to-face. MHC professionals are available to come on-site throughout the course of your project. Talk to MHC today if you need onsite training, implementation, or consulting services.

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Hosting Options for our Valued Customers with Existing MHC Licenses
If you already own our software, let MHC lift you to the cloud with hosting options that will reduce your overall IT dependency and spend.


Get to Know MHC

Find out how you can combine and configure MHC’s solutions to automate your most critical processes and empower teams to meet their goals. 

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When to Contact MHC for Help

When to Contact MHC for Help

Need to Increase Productivity

Productivity begins and ends with MHC expertise. Quality data, solid process, with an assist from email capture to feed AP invoice automation. Sprinkle in workflow for approval routing, acceptance for compliance, a few webforms to replace paper and fire up document self-service. That is how you increase productivity and communication beyond the boundaries of your enterprise. That is real ROI.

An ERP Is Not a Content Management Solution

MHC solutions create beautiful content that is tailored to your needs and deliver personalized communications beyond the boundaries of your ERP, to both internal and external audiences. Exactly what you need, when you need it, how you need it.

Having AP issues

Bad data, faulty process, approval delays, lost paperwork, lost discounts, behind schedule, ugly documents, lack of compliance, complete and utter lack of automation… If you can imagine it, we have fixed it.  Leave your accounting mayhem to us and get back on the road to productivity.

Compliance Concerns

Relying on manual processes, emails, and network folder structures to drive your compliance initiatives? Let MHC work for you. We will seek first to understand, and then manage compliance with data, process, web forms, and automation. Our professionals can even help improve information-sharing and communication.

Need for Self-Service

In today’s always-on digital age, you can’t afford to spend your days tracking down information for your customers. And they can’t afford to wait for you to find the information. Let our professionals help you design and implement the best solution for you and your internal and external customers.

Going Paperless

Stacking folders on top of filing cabinets because they are already full? Training new staff members on how to remember which department’s personnel files are on which network drive? Let MHC help you take control of your business processes and put digital information into your hands instead throwing paper in a closet.

You Need a Partner You Can Trust

We truly value our customers. We put your success first. When you choose to work with MHC, we recognize the trust you are placing in us and you can have confidence that our consultants will provide you with the service you expect and deserve.

Converting from an Imaging System

Whether you are converting from an imaging system or a paper-based system, MHC has the expertise and the connectors necessary to get you off the old and onto the new!

Need to Manage Contracts, Certifications, Licensures

Our professionals will listen to your needs and design and deliver value-added solutions that will exceed your expectations. From webform entry to acceptance/approval routing, to image retrieval that empowers your users. MHC has the solution, and our professionals have the expertise.

Value Promised. Value Delivered.

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