Document Processing Services

Let MHC sweat the details! Our document processing services are designed to reduce overhead and the risk associated with handling printing and distributing sensitive documents.

Outsource Your Document Processing

Still stuck printing and mailing documents to employees, vendors, customers and others? Eliminate the hassle of all that manual, labor-intensive work and partner with us to do the document processing for you.

Document Print & Distribution Solutions

Outsourcing Services

At MHC,  we understand the sensitive nature of all documents processed in our facility. Dedicated employees work closely with customers to ensure 100% service satisfaction. All print services are handled on-site, by experienced in-house employees.
Document Print & Distribution Solutions

Employee Documents

MHC helps hundreds of customers manage the print process for employee documents, such as W-2s, payroll checks, 1095-Cs, compensation statements and more.

Vendor/Supplier Documents

If you are an accounts payable, supply chain or finance professional, you can outsource documents such as 1099s, accounts payable checks, statements, purchase orders and more to MHC’s secure print facility.

Disaster Recovery

Substantial financial loss as well as loss of business continuity due to an unforeseeable business interruption can affect an organization’s long-term profitability. With MHC’s certified and reliable disaster recovery document printing services, we provide uninterrupted printing and distribution in the event of a disaster.


Get to Know MHC

Find out how you can combine and configure MHC’s solutions to automate your most critical processes and empower teams to meet their goals. 

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What Should I Know?

How does it work?

Your team simply provides us with an output file from your enterprise resource planning (ERP) or business system. We can also accommodate CSV and other simple forms of data transfer.

Secure facility and data processes

Access to the MHC Processing Center is limited to authorized personnel only. File encryption standards are used when uploading files to MHC as well as when storing files on MHC’s dedicated processing infrastructure. Data files are routinely deleted after a pre-arranged time period agreed upon with each customer.

High-quality equipment

We have all of the equipment, including pressure sealers and pressure seal stock to complete any document processing job that you send in. Preventative maintenance is performed routinely on all processing equipment to ensure quality and reliability.

We handle addressing, postage and mailing for you

MHC handles all of the associated addressing, postage and mailing for your organization. Take advantage of our bulk mailing discounts with the postal service and make processing documents a breeze. If you would like to handle this part of the process, we can also facilitate your request.

Be more efficient & save cash

Save thousands of dollars by outsourcing your document printing to MHC. No need to take on the associated costs for:

  • Staffing a print department internally
  • Purchasing equipment & stock
  • Hiring seasonal employees
  • Handling employee training and onboarding

Choose the services you need

Choose the services you need, not the ones you don’t. Whether you’re looking for print-only and your team handles postage, or MHC provides an end-to-end document print service, we can create a customized service.

Contact us to learn more or obtain a quote.

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