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Customers Ask. MHC Delivers. Each phone call we answer (yes, answer!), training session we give, solution we implement, customer we serve is driven by our unrelenting passion to help our customers succeed.

Customer Success is Our #1 Priority!

Customer focus. There are some people who talk the talk and fail to walk the walk. At MHC, we talk it, we walk it, and we live it. Customer service is our passion. We follow a very simple philosophy instituted by the company founders many years ago.

Providing Excellent Service is Our Promise

Flexible Software. Maximum Impact.

MHC understands that organizations need flexibility now and in the future as their needs and systems change. We purposefully engineer our solutions to integrate with and complement any combination of enterprise systems so that customers can continue to grow and evolve with right-sized content solutions.

Custom-Tailored to Your Needs

Customers choose only the functionality they need and avoid the expense of unnecessary functionality. Our custom-tailored solutions remove the restrictions placed on your organization, so your team can focus on truly growing and delivering maximum performance.


MHC Buyer’s Guide

Find out how MHC solutions can help your business accelerate automation. 

MHC Buyers Guide Covers

Why Customers Choose MHC

Focused on ROI

Light-weight and high-impact software and services offerings are focused on customer Return Of Investment.

Break the mold

Document and transaction automation functionality truly meets “last mile” needs and goes beyond the limits of rigid enterprise systems.

We’ve been doing it longer

Over 20 years of experience delivering best-in-class content management software and services.

Flexible deployment options

Flexible deployment options (cloud and on-premise) designed with customer long-term growth in mind.

Centralize data and information

Critical information assets are centralized and ready to be integrated with any number of current or future enterprise systems as our customers evolve.

The best customer
care, hands down

Once an MHC solution is in place, our customer care team continues to work tirelessly to answer questions and deliver the dedicated customers deserves.

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Technology integrations


Imagine the power of seamless communication with your customers, employees, vendors and other audiences without the boundaries or limits imposed by your enterprise systems.

See MHC in Action!

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