Cloud Technology to Accelerate Business

MHC offers flexible deployment options. Whether on-premise or in the cloud you benefit from ease of integration.

Integration and sharing

Engineered for Ease of Integration

MHC optimizes information-sharing for thousands of users via a platform of flexible content and transaction solutions. Our pre-packaged solutions have been purposefully engineered to be deployable on-premise or in the cloud and always retain the rich feature functionality and extensibility regardless of platform.

The Benefits You Desire

Faster Time to ROI

MHC’s configurable pre-packaged solutions, rapid cloud deployment, and image conversion accelerators allow you to accelerate your go live and enable you to reap the benefits of your decision to choose MHC for content and transaction management.
cloud technology features


Whether on-premises or in the cloud, all MHC solutions provide you with the same feature-rich content and transaction capabilities including the ability to leverage OCR and sophisticated workflow and image retrieval.

Value Promised. Value Delivered.

Secure, reliable, pre-packaged, feature-rich and flexible solutions with no need for hardware maintenance, repairs, backup, recovery, or internal technical support.

Conversion Accelerators

MHC’s conversion accelerators allow you to rapidly convert your historical images for deployment within our content solutions.

Unprecedented Extensibility

When you combine MHC’s intelligently designed in-context image retrieval feature functionality with the security and accessibility inherent to the AWS cloud, organizations now have unprecedented capabilities to empower users (internal and external) while improving overall service and productivity.

Reliability, Security, Recovery

With MHC cloud solutions and Amazon Web Services your solutions are reliable, secure, flexible, scalable, extensible, and have built-in recovery.

Already an MHC Customer?

Lift and shift is a commonly used industry term for migrating applications from on-premises to the cloud. If you are already an MHC customer, MHC can take you to the cloud with pricing that is respectful of our existing relationship with you.


Get to Know MHC

Find out how you can combine and configure MHC’s solutions to automate your most critical processes and empower teams to meet their goals. 

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So How Can We Help You?

Deployment options

MHC in the cloud

When we think of the cloud we think of a public, massively scaled, multi-tenant platform where computing services (and software) can be utilized on demand.

While a virtual private cloud is a single-tenant cloud environment that runs on cloud infrastructure. With MHC Cloud Solutions we will partner with you to determine the best deployment option for you.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a licensing and delivery model where the software is hosted and licensed on a subscription basis (instead of an on-going maintenance agreement).

There are many benefits to a SaaS deployment; cost savings, security, reliability, extensibility, user experience, scalability, maintainability, reduced internal IT dependency, disaster recovery and speed of implementation just to name a few.

If you are ready to learn more about MHC Cloud Solutions, contact us!

MHC on-premises

The traditional method of deploying software within your company’s domain. With on-premise you typically purchase our software and pay an annual maintenance fee for customer care, product updates, upgrades and additional benefits.

Some customers have corporate policies or internal standards that only provide for on-premises deployment. Don’t worry. MHC solutions have been intelligently engineered to be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. Giving you the feature functionality you need regardless of deployment strategy.

Already an MHC customer?

Continue your digital transformation in the cloud with MHC

If you are already an MHC customer, MHC can take you to the cloud with pricing that is respectful of our existing relationship with you.

There are many benefits to cloud deployment; cost savings, IT resource capacity, security, reliability, and scalability are the primary drivers of deployment decisions.

We can help you decide

Interested in a demo or ROI evaluation

Your deployment decision is important and can be complex. MHC can help you evaluate your options and ROI considerations. It all begins with a conversation. Scroll down to contact us for a demo and take your first step in your digital transformation journey.

Optimize Your Organization

You + MHC + AWS = Success
MHC cloud solutions and Amazon Web Services offer tremendous value for your investment. Industry leading content and transaction management on the worldwide leader in cloud computing.
Trying to Optimize Your Organization?
Frustrated with conforming to the limitations of your enterprise solution? MHC cloud solutions and AWS provides for a better user experience for internal staff and external partners.
Always Available, Always Improving
MHC cloud solutions deliver efficiency, productivity and accessibility… but the best ability is availability. With MHC and AWS your solutions will be reliable, secure, flexible, scalable, extensible and have built in recovery.

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