MHC’s automation solutions meet your enterprise needs
through our variety of specialized services.

Services You Need Delivered to Your Business

Every aspect of your daily work routine has the potential to be supported by MHC automation services. Explore each of the areas below where you know there’s a current or future need your business needs to achieve success, and we’ll explore the solution for you with the perfect automation service.

Transform the lifecycle of an invoice as it moves through your business with the power of automated invoice processing. Learn how your accounts payable team can benefit from powerful data capture, effective tracking, streamlined approvals, data extraction, timely processing, and much more.

If your business is still working with on-site technology that relies on a geographical location, you may wonder if taking your processes virtual will provide the same level of support and results. MHC’s cloud technology can ensure seamless transition of your systems to virtual space.

Since our company was founded, MHC has always been committed to providing exceptional customer care. We know you need things to “just work,” and our customer support partners with you through every step of automating your systems and onboarding your teams.

When you need a partner to step in and take over with document printing and distribution, MHC stands ready to do the heavy lifting. Discover how we can support your business with employee, vendor, and supplier document printing and distribution, as well as disaster recovery services.

Knowing you need to move your content into digital and actually doing it are two different things. MHC is your expert at plotting the best path for your business to head to digital, as well as providing preparation support such as cleaning up your data and recommending ways your processes can be improved.

MHC is more than a service provider or creator of software that can transform your business. We are your partner to consult with you and lend our expertise, gleaned from over 30 years of serving companies like yours, so you can get the very most and best out of automation tools.

“Automation” is sometimes too simple of a word to truly paint the picture of all it can accomplish for your business. While we often think of processes and routine tasks as the low-hanging fruit for automation, the positive impacts and results of automating your content and workflows reaches farther to your customers, your costs, and your employees.

MHC has a pulse on what your business needs and ways we can serve you by listening closely to our customers. Our commitment is to provide service and support to you in the ways that can make the biggest difference for your business.

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