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Why MHC NorthStar?

Organizations need effortless, reliable document automation solutions that work when and how they need them. MHC NorthStar empowers business users to be agile and take action to drive operational efficiencies and better experiences for the vendors, customers, and employees who support their business-critical processes.

Unlike other solutions, business users can configure content creation & distribution, financial transaction processing, and workflow automation capabilities to automate multiple processes in a single platform.

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Creation, distribution, storage, and management of business-critical documents

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Scalability and personalization of outbound communications and documents

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Configurable, agile workflows that adapt to business-specific processes

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Visibility into documentation that supports diverse financial transactions

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Digital delivery and storage for reduced costs and enhanced business resilience

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Secure, self-service document access to end users

Benefits of Automation

Increased efficiency

Enhanced compliance

Improved accuracy

Operational excellence

Better visibility

Improved vendor relationships 

Recognizable cost savings

Explore MHC NorthStar Solutions

Automated solutions help businesses streamline their accounts payable processes with scalable solutions. Intelligent Capture leverages AI and machine learning to process invoices of any format, while automated processing manages data, routing, and approvals. You’ll gain real-time visibility into your invoices, exceptions, and cash flow through a user-friendly dashboard, allowing for proactive problem-solving and improved vendor relationships.

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Print and distribute custom-designed checks, automatically generate positive pay files to fight fraud, initiate electronic ACH payments, and send detailed remittance notifications to vendors – all within a single platform. Eliminate paper waste, safeguard payments, and keep your vendors informed with minimal effort.

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Experience simplified tax document generation and distribution with a customer-centric, AP-integrated software that streamlines vendor relationship management, ensuring smooth year-end tax processing. With automated outputs, you’ll effortlessly handle the processing and distribution, whether you’re dealing with thousands of 1099s or just a single form.

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Streamline your payroll management with comprehensive and flexible payroll software. Enjoy agile payroll processing and versatile, secure payroll distribution options while staying compliant with state-specific payroll rules. And give employees 24/7 access to the pay information they need via a secure document self-service portal.

Employee Tax Documents

Take the hassle out of creating and distributing W-2s, W-2Cs, and 1095-Cs for your employees with software that automates the process, ensuring accuracy and compliance. With the ability for employees to easily access and download their forms through a secure self-service portal, you can free up HR time and reduce inquiries. Leverage a scalable solution that adapts to your business size, offering both print and digital delivery options.

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Employee Documents

Streamline employee document management with a solution that automates the creation and distribution of key documents like employment contracts, compensation statements, and benefits agreements. Employees gain 24/7 access through a secure self-service portal, eliminating the need for physical copies and manual distribution. You can also track employee acknowledgements electronically, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Digitize and automate supply chain document processing and distribution for vendor management, requisitions, purchase orders, and packing slips, achieving immediate and tangible benefits including better visibility, reduced costs, greater accuracy and compliance, and faster reconciliation.

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Accounts Receivable Document Automation

Streamline the creation and distribution of all your AR documents, from invoices and statements to dunning letters and credit memos. With flexible configurability, you are able to design agile workflows that perfectly match your unique business processes and generate accurate and timely invoices to ensure faster payments and reduce your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

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Meet MHC NorthStar

Content Automation & Intelligent Workflow Solutions

MHC NorthStar is an automation platform that enables teams to digitize and simplify business processes across many function areas. Unlike other solutions, business users can configure content creation & distribution, financial transaction processing, and workflow automation capabilities to automate multiple processes in a cloud-native, modern platform designed for user self-sufficiency.

Regional Health System Finds Less Downtime and Simpler Management in Migration of Processes to Cloud


The health system had issues with individual client installs, PCI compliance, and on-premise database management, with limited IT resources.


Outdated on-premise databases caused payment delays impacting vendor relationships, increased vulnerability and security risks, compliance issues, and high costs.


Moving to the cloud resulted in significant improvements, with reduced downtime, easier management, simplified database control, and convenient web browser access for users.

Switching to the cloud was one of the best decisions we made for our business. We’ve had less downtime, managing everything is simpler, and our IT team finds database handling so much easier. Plus, using a web browser for access has made everything way more convenient and efficient.

– VP and Director of IT

More MHC NorthStar Customer Stories

We Empower Your Advantage by Uniting Your Teams with Automation

To navigate industries ruled by disruption, we empower your people to stay flexible in the face of evolving expectations. From frictionless AP to intuitive document generation and distribution, we enable teams to automate critical details with care and precision.

Embracing change requires courage, plus a partner who supports your vision with solutions that rise to the challenges of tomorrow. At MHC, the future isn’t on the way, it’s already here—and we’re ready to lead through it with you.

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Software is stable, works well, and is easy to use.

Support is very helpful. Implementation team very interested in finding way to streamline both up downstream and upstream process related to Accounts Payable.

Michele Teer Accounting, CoxHealth

Our accounts payable system is ran through MHC. It’s very easy to manage. 

Keith T
Hospital & Healthcare

What problems are you solving with the product?

Document and Forms Generation, Accounts Payable Automation with OCR, integration with HR, Finance and Supply Chain ERP software.

Hospital & Healthcare

MHC provided seamless integration into our ERP system:

purchase orders, invoices, and eForm. Support is exceptional and readily available during business hours. Always helpful on special projects.

MHC has made us more efficient.

Very helpful in automating financial processes. The added efficiencies allow workers to increase their roles and spend more time on projects.

It’s just a good company to work with.

Leveraging a smooth integration with their existing ERP, CoxHealth engaged MHC to maximize check printing, automate routing and approvals, digitize tax and payroll documentation, and improve their document imaging processes.

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