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Unleash the Power of Automated Customer Communications with EngageCX

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Why EngageCX?

In the dynamic landscape of regulated industries, effective and compliant customer communication is non-negotiable. MHC’s EngageCX software offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that not only streamline your communication processes, help you automate the creation of compliant documents, and give you direct control, but also deliver key benefits to your customers, with well-designed and engaging communications.
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Streamline processes, reduce manual effort, and improve operational efficiency.

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Compliance & Security

Help ensure document accuracy and adherence to industry standards and safeguard sensitive information with robust security measures.

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Gain actionable insights into customer interactions for continuous improvement.

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Ease of Use

Remove IT dependencies and put the business user in control of critical customer communications.

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Purpose-built API libraries ensure that connecting with other systems of record is easier than ever before
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Aspire Leaderboard 2023 Kaspar Roos

MHC’s EngageCX is a cost-effective, modern, flexible, and scalable platform… It comes with extensive integration capabilities, providing flexibility regarding how the software is embedded in a wider ecosystem of solutions

Kaspar Roos
CEO & Founder of Aspire


Unleash the power of automated customer communications with

MHC EngageCX

MHC’s EngageCX software offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that not only streamline your communication processes, help you automate the creation of compliant documents, and give you direct control, but also deliver key benefits to your customers, with well-designed and engaging communications.

The EngageCX Product Suite

EngageCX has three integrated products designed to meet your needs. Create, Converse, and Experience are built to help you automate the document production and communication process from beginning to end, removing any reliance on IT. Choose one or more of the products that suit your requirements, with the peace of mind that you can scale as needed.
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Document Composition Automated

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You can compose documents with ease using your own or predefined templates available for your use

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Documents can be rendered in the required format for you

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You now have control to ensure document accuracy and adherence to industry standards


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Removes dependencies on IT

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Improves time to market amidst regulatory changes


Enhanced Communication Tools

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Leverage an intuitive interface, to create large scale communications whether on-demand or batch

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You can adapt to change quickly, with flexible workflows to automate every stage of the process

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Facilitate seamless communication for over 20 different output formats, with built-in tools such as eSignature, QR codes, digital signatures, and barcodes


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Reduces your operations costs via web-based interactive forms accessible to your customers and internal teams

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Enables digital adoption and reduction in costs associated with onboarding customers

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Improves the customer experience (CX) for the end customer

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Value Added Communication

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Elevate the CX by adding value to every communication with added tools like journey mapping, interactive document capabilities and analytics

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Create touch-points and connect to your systems with bi- directional data exchange for a comprehensive view


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Gain valuable insights into customer interactions for informed decision-making

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Enables the shift to omni-channel communications

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Secure bi-directional data exchange, allowing for immediate customer insights and one view of the customer

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Explore EngageCX Solutions

MHC EngageCX empowers businesses to put the customer at the heart of their communications. Easily understand customer preferences and deliver truly personalized messages across their preferred channels. Our solutions help you streamline communications without sacrificing the individual touch.

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Leverage CCM software to automate the entire customer communication process, from production and assembly to omnichannel delivery. Capture customer preferences, create personalized communications, and deliver them via any preferred channel. Discover MHC’s communication tools designed for business users, allowing non-technical team members to easily manage the CCM solution and adapt without IT staffing constraints.

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An exceptional customer experience starts with visibility into critical customer communications and touchpoints. When customers have meaningful, authentic interactions with your organization, they are more inclined to not only keep coming back, but also to spread the word about their experience. Automaton can help your organization increase customer lifetime value, drive growth, and reduce costs while improving business processes.

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Flexible label management software eliminates errors, saves money and time, and keeps high-volume operations running smoothly. MHC specializes in enterprise label printing. That means compiling data from disparate systems for more effective communication, high-volume batch label printing, support for multiple languages and personalization, reduced setup time, and increased process efficiency.

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Businesses need effortless, reliable document automation solutions that work when and how they need them. MHC EngageCX helps manage your document processes from creation to automated assembly to omnichannel delivery. Discover versatile data integration, centralized template management, automated document workflows and interactive documents with MHC.

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Improve customer relationships and reduce bottlenecks with a flexible solution for creating and distributing order processing documents. MHC EngageCX allows you to create and orchestrate the flow of communications helps your organization cut costs, speed up revenue-generating order processing, reduce supply chain disruptions, and strengthen your brand and customer relationships.

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Increasing customer engagement is a crucial goal for every organization, and transactional communications are an ideal way to catch customers at their most engaged. Leverage  MHC EngageCX to deliver personalized, high-impact communications your customers need, at the exact points in their journeys when they need them and make a difference.

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In industries and jurisdictions that set specific rules about content and how, when, and by what methods businesses are required to engage with their customers, maintaining compliance with applicable regulations and standards can be a complicated process. Deliver required compliance documents and communications in an accurate, personalized way with MHC EngageCX.

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Tailored for Mid-Market Organizations

EngageCX has been designed with the specific needs of mid-market enterprises in mind, providing an affordable option that is also scalable to grow with your company or line of business.

If you’re looking to avert the risks associated with home-grown solutions, having to keep up with technology changes, security requirements and customer expectations, without the hefty price tag and onerous maintenance changes associated with document composition, EngageCX is for you. Our software meets you where you are in your communication journey with the right pricing and options to scale and flex as you need and put control right in the hands of your business users.

AnyPrem Software

The EngageCX software suite is designed to work in the manner that makes the most sense for your organization, giving you the control you need. Whether you prefer an on-premises setup for complete control, a cloud-based solution for scalability and accessibility, or a hybrid option for the best of both worlds, EngageCX caters to your specific needs.

Seamless Integration

EngageCX allows you to integrate the software seamlessly into your existing systems and workflows. You can now look at maximizing the value of the technology already in place with a software solution that complements your business ecosystem.

Professional Services for Seamless Implementation

MHC understands that the journey to automated customer communications may require additional support. Our Professional Services team is ready to assist in the seamless implementation of the EngageCX software, ensuring a tailored fit to your business needs. Moreover, unlike other solutions, we offer monthly services to companies lacking the skills or resources to manage the process independently. These services provide ongoing support, ensuring that you extract maximum value from EngageCX while focusing on what matters most – your business.

EngageCX Features & Functionality

MHC EngageCX offers communication tools designed for business users, allowing non-technical team members to easily manage the CCM solution and adapt without IT staffing constraints. Capture customer preferences, personalize communications, and deliver them via any preferred channel. 

Digital Forms

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Marco Kuster
Head of Innovation and Digitization

MHC has empowered us to be an innovator in our field

We now provide new services to our customers,
increasing our value to them and growing our top-line revenue.

Steve Turner
Director Billing Services

MHC has been a great solution to automate large monthly statement runs very quickly and efficiently 

Aspire Leaderboard

MHC’s dynamic capabilities are second-to-none and its modular product portfolio makes it very adaptable to customer needs.

José Luis Betances
Director, Business Analysis

MHC’s design tool puts power in the hands of our business users, freeing up IT.

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Mel Yuson
Enterprise Architect, Essilor International S.A.

The biggest differentiator is the support and commitment to the customer.

I can say [EngageCX] also owns the same objective that we have in Essilor IT. With that same ownership mindset, the challenges and struggles that we face along the way become a lot manageable and able to resolve with permanent solutions.”

The difference will be evident in the experience

Essilor, an eyeglass design, manufacture, and customization company has increased rendering and printing efficiency with MHC.
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