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Convert XSLFO to PDF, Word and 20+ output formats using MHC, the world’s fastest XSL-FO formatting engine. Using a simple, REST-based API interface, our XML rendering software can help you deliver stunning reports, invoices, statements, letters, and more, right from your application. System integrators and software developers all over the world rely on MHC to produce and distribute millions of documents per day from any data.

How To Convert XSL-FO to PDF?

XSL-FO contains both data and layout, however to understand how XSLFO is converted to PDF, let’s take a look at the entire process of going from data to output. Since XML contains primarily only data, a layout will have to be designed. This layout (also known as a template) uses the XSL-FO language to describe how data will be presented into a human readable format

Templates may also contain rules and conditions for  generating output, as well as other elements such as fields and tables. Once you have designed your template, you can then use the MHC API to generate PDF, Word or even interactive HTML5 documents.

MHC provides a truly enterprise solution, suitable for the most complex business use-cases, while providing the most easy to use design environment available today. 

STEP 1: Design a XSL-FO template using MHC Studio. Our WYSIWYG XSL-FO designer can help software developers and business users alike can get proficient quickly in the Office-style interface. Build dynamic invoices, statements, correspondence, and reports. Use simple drag & drop operations to build your template.

STEP 2: Use the MHC API to convert XML. The template you have designed in the first step can be used to generate not only PDF, but also Word, Interactive HTML5 and more. The API can process your XML documents in real-time. Batch processing is also supported, with the ability to produce millions of documents in a single run.



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Code Samples

Convert XML to PDF

The code sample uses the API to convert XML to PDF using a stored template. An XML string is sent to MHC server and a PDF is received back.

Convert JSON to PDF

The code sample uses the API to convert JSON to PDF using a stored template . A JSON is sent to MHC server and a PDF is received back.

merge multiple documents

The code sample uses the API to merge a document package stored on the server to a single PDF file.

Convert XSL-FO to PDF

The code sample uses the API to convert XSL-FO to PDF. An XSL-FO string is sent to MHC server and a PDF file is received back.

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