Deployment Options

The Freedom to Choose – MHC’s cloud, your cloud, or on-premises deployment based on YOUR needs.

Flexible Deployment, Easy Integration

MHC optimizes information-sharing for thousands of users via a platform of flexible content and transaction solutions. Our pre-packaged solutions have been purposefully engineered to be deployable on-premise or in the cloud and always retain the rich feature functionality and extensibility regardless of platform.

On-Premises & Cloud Solutions — You Decide!

MHC Cloud

MHC Software’s comprehensive cloud offering has several key benefits:

  • customer need for dedicated internal infrastructure and personnel is greatly reduced
  • faster deployment
  • lower initial acquisition costs, since you don’t need to purchase infrastructure
  • faster speed to value to achieve your ROI objectives
  • MHC is responsible for upgrades and patches
  • increased uptime
  • disaster recovery is improved due to the nature of cloud deployment


All of our products, platforms and solutions are available on-premises and in the cloud – your cloud or ours. Customers may choose on-premises (self-managed) for the following reasons:

  • already have a fully-staffed IT team
  • dedicated on-site servers and infrastructure
  • prefer to manage data on-site
  • prefer to manage authentication and authorization processes on-premises

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Your Trusted Partner

Customer focus. There are some people who talk the talk and fail to walk the walk. At MHC, we talk it, we walk it, and we live it.
Customer service is our passion.

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