Set Course For a Stellar Solution

Introducing MHC NorthStar.   
Travel beyond automation and get to where you need to be – creating, capturing, and managing the content that runs your business.
Set Course For a Stellar Solution

“Disrupt our industry?
We can’t even make payments on time.”

Picture the scene. You work at an organization that deals with reams of complex data, documents, and communications. In other words, your average commercial company or public sector body of a certain size.

Things have been chaotic. Paperwork is going missing. Invoices are going unpaid. And your team’s going crazy just trying to keep everything together, let alone hit your organization’s growth targets.

The decision to invest in better technology has been made. And you’re the lucky one who’s been tasked with building a shortlist of platforms. No pressure.

So you start your research. You consult one review site. Then another. Then another. ECM, CCM, CSP, DEP, EMS, low-code, no-code, PaaS…

In a word: Platformageddon.

Buyer bewildered

With so many solutions and overlapping feature sets to decipher, you have no idea what kind of tech you need to help your company work smarter.

You can stitch together a patchwork of point solutions.

Or use monolithic enterprise systems that promise to do it all but actually offer rigid solutions that don’t quite fit your needs.

Or you can roll out a DIY app-building platform, where anyone can build a workflow for pretty much anything – and end up replacing your ‘shadow IT’ problem with a ‘shadow process’ problem.

Basically, you’re stuck between cookie-cutter templates and a Wild West workflow situation.

Traveling the world

A better promise

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. For years, technology providers have been making grand promises about automation solutions that can help you work more efficiently, effectively, and profitably than ever before. You were promised smart new ways to move documents and information around quickly, securely, and intelligently – inside your organization and outside, sharing with employees, customers, vendors, and partners. The promise? Process Nirvana. The reality? Not so much.

So here’s a better promise.

At MHC, we’ve been guiding organizations away from the fate befalling the organization in our story for three decades. In that time, we’ve learned a thing or two about helping our customers get where they need to be.

And it comes down to this. If you want to gain strategic advantage in your market, you have to gain total control of your own organization first. And you certainly can’t master your own work if you’re spending all your effort navigating the chaos of Platformageddon.

You don’t want a platform that automates any old processes, or a dozen automation-by-numbers tools that don’t speak to one another. You need a platform that helps you manage core business functions your way – today and in the future.

Introducing MHC NorthStar

MHC NorthStar is the enterprise content and workflow automation platform that combines a unique combination of focus and flexibility, giving your people ownership of your processes, your content, and your data with the simplicity of a self-service model.

We don’t claim to do everything. Far from it. We help you manage core business functions your way, so you can get where you need to be. Evolving along the way, based on your organization’s needs.

MHC NorthStar lets you streamline and automate your most critical processes in a flexible, scalable, cost-effective cloud environment. A low-cost platform with unlimited users, MHC NorthStar gives you predictability of pricing not typical in a SaaS model. Use the platform to achieve mastery over your enterprise content needs, from creation and editing to distribution and security.

With MHC NorthStar you get the benefits of tried-and-tested, pre-configured applications to handle core functions like AP automation and vendor communications without dependencies on valuable IT resources.

But you also get the flexibility to use no-code configurations to tailor the platform to your needs. All backed by MHC’s stellar customer care.

This isn’t about automating one process – or every process you can think of. It’s about mastering what’s important to your business today and in the future.

NorthStar with Star

Get where you need to be

If you’re struggling to tame the chaos of complex data, documents, and customer communications, we hear you. And we know that the last thing you want to do is to make compromises when it comes to your technology investments.

We’ve designed MHC NorthStar so you get the best of both worlds: proven purpose-built products and free-form configurable solutions that meet the specific needs of your organization.

Use it to gain control, confidence, and competitive advantage through:

Increased visibility

Speedier decision-making

Enhanced financial controls

Better communication & relationships

Improved accuracy of your data

Reduced disaster recovery risk

Cost savings

Avoid Platformageddon.

Discover a platform that gets you where you need to be.
Download our guide to find out how. 

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