24/7 Self-Service Access

Increase engagement with internal and external audiences by empowering them with 24/7 self-service access to information

Information Access on Their Terms

Users in the digital age expect immediate access to information. Human resources, payroll, accounts payable and other departments need to deliver documents to their customers – including employees, vendors and beyond.

Benefits of Self-Service Document Access

Stay Compliant

Deliver the correct disclosure, agreement and authorization to maintain compliant processes.

Users "Power"

Users can save, print and access documents on their own — so your team doesn’t have to.

Save Time & Resources

Integrated and automated document delivery reduces the duplication of effort and allows documents to be managed directly from your business systems.

Eliminate Calls For Reprints

No more reprints! This is a huge administrative burden and costly for any type of organization.

Audited History of User Actions

All user actions are tracked and reportable using the administrative view of MHC’s self-service platform.

Deliver Self-Service Content at Home or on the Move!

Deliver self-service content on demand to employees, vendors, members and more. Whether your users are at their home offices, or on the move and looking to access documents, our self-service document delivery platform is able to deliver the right content at the right time!



Get to Know MHC

Find out how you can combine and configure MHC’s solutions to automate your most critical processes and empower teams to meet their goals. 

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Deliver On-Demand Content to Users

Active employees

Are you looking for a comprehensive solution to manage information for active employees? MHC’s self-service platform can help to better manage:

  • IRS-compliant W-2s
  • pay stubs
  • compensation statements
  • wage theft notices
  • employee files
  • 1095-Cs
  • licensing & certification documents
  • employment contracts
  • security agreements
  • and more!

Employees on leave

It can be complex managing information and providing access to employees that are on leave — also known as “inactive employees.” No matter what type of information or document, MHC can help your team to better manage:

  • W-2s or T4s
  • 1098-Ts
  • annual employee contracts
  • employee reviews
  • policy & agreements
  • benefit statements
  • and more!


Managing inactive employees, such as retirees, can be expensive and time consuming. By providing self-service access to retired employees, your team can focus on doing more critical work — not phone support or print services! We can help you to better manage:

  • 401k documents
  • tax forms
  • benefit forms
  • salary notices
  • historical W-2s or T4/T4A/relevés
  • and more!


One of the fastest-growing demands for self-service access to information is for vendors. Instead of using email, post mail or other slow and manual processes to provide vendor content, use MHC’s self-service platform which directly integrates with your ERP system data. Better manage:

  • Purchase orders (POs)
  • 1099s
  • AP payments
  • and more!


Memberships can be difficult to manage if you’re a service provider. Providing online access to member information cuts down on calls and customer support requests which can be more easily managed online, by the member themselves. Provide online access to member content, including:

  • Compliance agreements
  • membership documents
  • contracts
  • and more!

Or any audience you need to communicate with!

Our self-service platform can be used to personalize and distribute content in many creative ways!

Contact us to discuss your needs!

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