Automate with Punchout Integration

Automate the procurement process with MHC’s integrated punchout functionality

Seamless Punchout Integration

MHC Software provides seamless punchout integration between your buyers, procurement system (ERP) and the e-commerce seller. Punchout helps to streamline workflow, mitigate “rogue” spending and speed up the procurement process.

How Punchout Integration Works


Buyers within your organization simply log into your procurement system and place an order for new products, resources or materials that they need to do their job.

Procurement System

Your procurement system sits font-and-center within your organization. Buyers simply use the same enterprise systems as the rest of the organization uses today. They then browse the available catalogue from the e-commerce website directly from that system. All orders are then submitted for approval.

Punchout Integration

This is where the magic happens. MHC’s platform integrates with your procurement system and the e-commerce seller to automatically exchange the requisition request and interface the data between the systems seamlessly and automatically.

E-commerce Websites

MHC’s punchout integration works with popular e-commerce websites, such as Amazon Business, Staples and additional extensions are in progress to support School Specialties and Office Depot/Office Max.


The seller gets paid automatically and now has a chance to seamlessly provide the product to the buyer. What this means is that your team gets what they need and everything is seamlessly integrated with your procurement system or ERP without any manual intervention or custom development added to your ERP.


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How Punchout Integration Can Improve Your Procurement Processes

Systems that work in harmony

Imagine a fully-integrated, digital procurement process. MHC’s punchout integration works in harmony with your supply chain system.

Reduce unauthorized spending

By leveraging punchout integration your organization can reduce unauthorized spending and gain greater visibility to the purchasing process. Budgets are now easier to manage and track for audit purpose. “Rogue” spenders are also brought in-line, because they can no longer shop on a whim. MHC simplifies the process when the enterprise system can’t support an automated interface.

Improve workflow

Since MHC’s punchout capability is integrated with your procurement system, supply chain and accounts payable departments can benefit from a streamlined workflow process with less manual steps. No data manipulation, no manual file transfers — just productivity.

Provide a seamless experience for your organization

With punchout integration, everyone wins! Your buyers and staff can request the products they need, just like they shop online at home. Your accounts payable and supply chain teams can better control costs and benefit from greater time-savings for the requisition, approval and payment processes. Auditors will also be delighted to see a more organized and controlled environment. No matter how you cut it, punchout integration from MHC is a win.

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