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MHC helps your team manage inventory fulfillment and documentation.

Shipping and Receiving Documentation Software

Visibility Into Order Fulfillment – Digital Images Every Step of the Way

Inventory costs can mount quickly — especially if you’re struggling to maintain proper counts or have too much surplus in your trucks and out of the hands of your field technicians. Don’t let inventory become a balance sheet burden. Instead, use MHC’s solutions for order fulfillment documentation as well as including the creation of damaged goods receipts to maximize your assets.

MHC helps you optimize inventory fulfillment and ongoing management with real-time visibility into what happened or is happening – capture as many photos as you need to document everything fully and create reports as soon as any inventory is used, shipped or returned.

Quality Matters – Shipping and Order Fulfillment

Whether you use internal or external resources to support order fulfillment, the process can involve many steps and risk of mistakes or issues. Your operations are on the line and your customers demand high-quality goods. If you don’t have visibility into what is going on in your entire order process, how confident are you in your ability to satisfy your customers and create long-term relationships?

Reducing Damaged Goods

Documenting Receipt of Damaged Goods From Your Suppliers

How can you deliver quality to your customers when your suppliers are delivering damaged goods to you? On the receiving side, MHC mobile order management functionality protects you from unjustified expenses and supports your quality expectations.

When a truck pulls up to your dock or warehouse and starts offloading damaged boxes, we give you the tools you need to create a damaged goods receipt immediately. Seeing is believing, right? With our eMobile app, you can create and process that receipt in just a few taps and instantly make it visible to those who need to see it. No need for delay to create a report or face a shipper who claims you caused the damage or have had a subsequent problem that resulted in the damage. Handle the situation immediately and create a digital audit trail to protect your operations. The process creates a digital document record as a PDF that you can keep, timestamped with the delivery time as well as the time you noted the first item was damaged.

What makes the process even easier? MHC’s solution creates damage report forms that automatically populate shipping information based on your purchase orders and data available in your existing system. You can also capture the driver’s signature in the same form and make comments or allow them to make comments so you can clearly track where goods come from and when damage likely occurred.

By putting everything into a single document, MHC eMobile functionality allows your warehouse and receiving teams to generate comprehensive reports within a single solution and then automatically share that report with your back office teams – or directly to external parties.

Reducing Damaged Goods Receipts and Eliminating Liability with Photo Documentation

Fast forward to when you are delivering the finished product, how do you properly record order delivery to prevent liability if goods are damaged before they arrive at your customer’s door? Our answer is simple: document the process with photos and timestamps.

MHC eMobile functionality provides you with a simple, fast process to ensure your orders are correctly fulfilled while on your property and reduce your liability if goods are damaged en route to your customer. As you load your truck or fulfill orders that will ultimately leave the warehouse, simply fire up the app and take as many photos as you need. They will automatically be filed and timestamped in the application so you can verify the quality of goods before they arrive at your customer’s door. Plus, if there is any damage, you know liability likely lies with the carrier and will typically be covered by their insurance.

To make the process even easier on your team, MHC will auto-populate the shipping rep’s name, pick instructions and ID, carrier name, timestamps and more as appropriate. You can also easily capture the driver’s name and signature with options to immediately send out the auditing reports to internal teams, third-party suppliers and customers.

MHC eMobile puts all the documents, data and photos in a consolidated digital document to increase visibility and speed, leaving no opening for your customers or carriers to dispute what they owe.

Protect yourself and maintain order accuracy with a simple mobile solution that works on today’s leading handhelds.

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