Streamlined Transaction Management

A financial transaction automation platform built with your needs in mind. Streamline and simplify payment processing with MHC

Streamlined Transaction Automation

Processing and disbursing financial transactions via ACH, positive pay and printed check has never been easier. Our robust platform makes managing financial transactions and the related content a simple process.

Transaction Automation Platform Overview

ACH Payments

Distribute payments via ACH (Automated Clearing House) in one platform directly integrated with your ERP or enterprise systems. MHC’s platform meets all standards for electronic payment processing.

AP Checks

Produce and distribute AP checks and related documentation to vendors and patients directly from your ERP or financial management platform.


Print and distribute payroll checks in any quantity needed. Our platform easily handles reprints and single checks on laser printed stock.

Electronic Remittances

MHC’s robust transaction management platform automatically distributes electronic remittances to vendors so they can know what their electronic payments covered.s.

Direct Deposit Advices

Process payments and disperse them via direct deposit (online or printed advices) to employees and contractors.

Positive Pay & Pay Card Processing

Bank fraud prevention services go a long way in protecting your business assets, but these methods are not always the easiest for business users to manage. MHC Software solutions interface with hundreds of financial institution formats to ease bank file formatting and transmission processes.

eCheck Courier

MHC Software’s Secure eCheck Courier™ allows administrators to control check printing at remote locations. eCheck Courier is fully controlled by a central site with complete audit trail of user and system actions.

Web Remote Printing

MHC Software offers a flexible web remote print offering with centralized secure control so that remote locations can choose the print time for sensitive documents while management retains centralized control.

Leverage Effortless
Electronic Payment Management

  • Control an integrated payment process – MHC Software solutions fill the gaps often left behind by enterprise systems and create a streamlined closed loop process with comprehensive auditing
  • Manage cash more effectively with bank reconciliation functionality – Save time by automating file retrieval from one or more banks and facilitating automated ERP system reconciliation
  • Communicate effectively with vendors – Improve communication with vendors by emailing readable remittance advices
  • Leverage bank fraud prevention services – MHC Software’s Positive Pay solutions enable seamless integration with bank programs that help you better protect your business assets


Get to Know MHC

Find out how you can combine and configure MHC’s solutions to automate your most critical processes and empower teams to meet their goals. 

Get to Know MHC whitepaper cover and preview

A Transaction Automation Platform
Designed for Your Needs

Accounts payable

MHC’s financial transaction automation platform helps your organization take advantage of early payment discounts and streamlines both workflow and approvals processes. Ultimately, saving your organization time and valuable resources. MHC’s financial transaction platform is designed for instant ROI.


Payroll solutions designed to accommodate organizations of all sizes. Automate direct deposit and check printing. Values and totals are calculated in your human capital management platform or ERP for balancing payroll disbursements and audits in an integrated platform. Easily produce and distribute customized pay stubs and other employee-specific documents with MHC Software solutions.

Procure-to-pay (P2P)

Procure-to-pay processes (P2P) include requisitioning, purchasing, receiving, invoicing and paying for goods and services. Given the data complexity, transaction volume and large number of people involved in those processes, there are common challenges faced by large and small organizations alike.

Compliant & auditable

Our financial transaction platform is fully auditable. All administrative and end-user interactions are reportable and tracked to maintain compliant processes.

Any industry – public sector, private sector, non-profit or municipal

No matter if your organization is public, private or non-profit, MHC Software can provide a comprehensive transaction automation platform to meet the challenges faced in today’s rapidly changing world.

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Procure-to-Pay Management

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Self-Service Document Delivery

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