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Document templates form the basis of all document automation solutions. The template defines not just how a document will look, but also what data will appear in it. Organizations must consider many factors when creating each communication template. These factors include branding language(s), tone (formal or informal), delivery channels (paper or electronic), formats (PDF, interactive HTML5, Word, etc.), business rules that impact content or format, data sources, embedded analytics, and many, many others.

With so many options to consider, most document automation providers rely on their customers’ IT departments to build out their company’s templates. This creates an additional burden on IT, which is frequently overbooked developing other business-critical applications. The time and cost associated with relying on IT to build new (and update existing) templates becomes a significant hidden cost in many document automation solutions.

MHC’s visual design tool empowers business users to create and deploy communication templates without costly IT involvement. IT is therefore freed to focus on higher value-added work. Meanwhile, with MHC’s document template management software, company assets (such as logos, branding and document fragments) are maintained in a central repository and automatically update across multiple templates to ensure a consistent customer experience.

Comprehensive Document Template Management

Online and PC-Based Designer

Empower super-users to build complex templates in a PC-based visual designer, as well as a broader audience with a browser-based tool. Leverage the depth of thick-client capabilities along with the power of thin-client tools with MHC’s document template management solution. Define which components online users can modify at a document-by-document level. Enable complex template design with software that supports the memory requirements of large templates and images.

Content Repository

Proactively maintain a single, version-controlled, company-approved, content repository of logos, branding content, legal disclaimers, images and other content fragments for use in all company communications via template management software. Enable business users to easily develop compliant, visually stunning documents. Modify digital assets automatically across all communication templates where they are used with a single update.

Free Template Library

Leverage MHC’s template management capabilities to accelerate time to market and reduce costs associated with document design management. Take advantage of best practices developed for each specific industry with dozens of baseline templates. Customize projects built by document automation experts rather than recreate the wheel. Achieve rapid return on investment by reducing the work involved in the most labor-intensive component of document automation.

Analytics, Tables, and Graphs

Create interactive documents and online experiences that empower customers to sort, filter, and interact with data such as billing and usage statistics. Design sorting, filtering and other investigative features directly into documents delivered electronically. Create templates that generate documents in all media (print, PDF, email, etc.) with compelling graphs, charts and tables that facilitate self-service, reduce call center costs, and build customer satisfaction.

Review/Approve Workflow

Empower business users to create communication templates while ensuring they comply with legal, marketing, operational, and other standards. Define review and approval workflows for document templates that ensure all relevant parties inspect versions to new or existing communications before publishing them to production. Present approval task lists to individuals or teams to streamline the document development process.


Create legally-binding documents by incorporating native eSignature capabilities into a true digital experience with MHC’s document template management solution. Enable eSignatures on any device at any time, eliminating the need for the old cumbersome print-then-sign-then-scan-then-email process. Easily capture who, when, and where documents were signed, as an embedded component of any document template that would otherwise require a manual signature.

Interactive Documents

Leverage MHC’s template management software to create an engaging, customer-driven experience that provides an always-on, available anywhere, on any device view into real-time information. Deliver the right content to each individual customer via personalized communications and reduce call center demands. Empower customers to control their experience in a manner consistent with the company brand and image. Store and present responsive documents for customer interaction.

Dozens of Outputs

Design templates in any format for any business requirement. Create communications in one or more of the dozens of supported formats: PDF, HTML5, RTF, TIFF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, email, SMS, push notifications, and many, many more. Define the omnichannel customer experience and execute it with ease. Engage customers with the right communications, in the right formats, at the right time.

Personalized Correspondence

Extend the digital experience to all users, enabling data collection for quotes, applications, account creation, and other document automation needs. Complete forms, personalized letters and other correspondence by gathering data from agents, customers from an online portal, or automatically via integration to business applications. Interact with customers 24×7 without expensive call center support.

Document Workflows

Automate complex communications processes from initial design to final delivery and beyond. Define participants and the workflows associated with customer communications. Bring internal and external stakeholders together to design documents. Automate data collection and aggregation, redlining, review/approve processes, final document assembly, distribution and post-delivery activities.

Template management is one of the central capabilities of MHC EngageCX, our CCM and document automation software that streamlines the entire document development process by leveraging complex document templates across the production path. Communication templates are pre-approved by management and marketing and they produce branding and legal-standard-compliant documents on the fly.

Perfect Customer Communications with

MHC Engage CX

Interacting with your customers is one of the most important elements of running a successful business. With the advanced functionality of MHC EngageCX, customer communications management has never been easier or more impactful. Understand user preferences, customize communications accordingly, and deliver those communications to customers via their preferred channels or devices. Our user-friendly visual design tool offers an easy way to build memorable communications with your valuable customers.

Discover CX

GROW ALONG WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS:  Account for your customers’ unique needs by using EngageCX to craft and deliver documents prioritizing convenience and impact. Gain insight into behavior with customer journey mapping and analytics.

AGILITY IN DEVELOPMENT: EngageCX is proudly built in-house, giving us the ability to seamlessly maintain technology, resolve issues, and upgrade functionality without relying on third-party solutions.  


SELF-SERVICE FOR FLEXIBILITY: You want control over your processes. Without having to engage other parties to assist. EngageCX gives you the agency to easily build, manage, and maintain your communications on your own.

UNIQUE SOLUTIONS FOR UNIQUE NEEDS: No two customers are alike. EngageCX allows you to produce and deliver communications personalized for tone, language, channel, and other preferences. 

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In many ways, delivering personal, targeted communications through an in-house system can be more complicated than necessary.

The tools may not be accessible to all the departments, putting pressure on more technically-driven personnel to oversee the accuracy and visual appeal of the communications. On most legacy systems, delivering via customers’ preferred channels means designating a different template for each channel.

Additionally, as changes are made to each template, several different versions are created, making it easy to lose track of which templates are current or outdated, standard or ad-hoc.

One key factor in cutting down customer communication management complexity is reducing the number of templates that proliferate over time. The problem, simply put, is that templates are too many, and stakeholders are too few.

With fewer stakeholders involved in customer communications processes, there is an increased risk of overwhelming them and not achieving the full potential of communication people expect from your company.


An integrated document template management solution provides for templates to be channel-agnostic, meaning that a single template can be rendered in any format and delivered by the desired medium. The template can also be re-used, and/or edited over time, without staff having to produce more individual templates on a case-by-case basis. Depending on how often customers receive brand documents, this could reduce templates ten or twenty-fold.

As far as digital documents go, template management software eliminates the stress brought on by too many slightly altered versions of the same thing. Document template management software alleviates the pressure of dealing with document production overload by organizing document templates in a hierarchical structure, so new templates are only created when absolutely necessary.

This lightens the load carried by the staff as they work efficiently to deliver the communications that customers want and enables tech staff to work alongside designers and content managers to best engage customers. Simplify things by reducing the number of templates (the workload), and increasing the parties involved in document production (the workforce).  

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The Benefits of Using MHC’s
Template Management Software

Template management software optimizes document assembly, approval, and delivery, making it an essential tool for any business. It simplifies the workflow, enabling management to fine-tune customer communications down to the smallest of details without requiring technical assistance. Discover the essential benefits that come with using MHC’s template management solution:


It produces complex documents on-demand and on the fly.


It does not require IT department involvement, freeing it for other tasks.


It ensures full compliance with both branding and legal requirements.


It boosts company productivity by reducing document production time.


It ensures that all template-based documents are free from human errors.


It produces channel-agnostic documents that deliver an omnichannel experience.


Document templates are approved by a group of users – management and marketing.


Document templates are stored in a centralized location available to assigned users.


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Organizations worldwide leverage MHC enterprise document automation software to enhance their customer experience, reduce operating costs, and take control of their customer communication processes. Thousands of companies across a broad range of industries ensure compliance with corporate branding and legal standards while establishing genuine connections with their customers—one at a time.

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