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MHC understands that every organization’s needs are different. You choose the document and content services you need.  

Designed to Deliver Maximum Impact

If the only tool you have is a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail. With MHC you can have the entire toolbox. Auto-load, upload, capture, email capture, and intelligent web form capture. Not to mention our conversion utilities that allow you to rapidly convert to MHC solutions.

Automate and Innovate


Automate the loading of all documents from Document Express into Image Express.


With the press of a button you upload an image and associate it to the data in your business system.


You link the image to the data in your business system and are allowed to enter additional data about the document (if needed).

Email Capture

Attachments can be pulled off emails and auto-loaded into MHC or delivered to AP invoice automation.

Intelligent Web Form Capture

Let our custom web forms capture the data and images you need to push data entry upstream to the users who have the information.

Flexible Software.
Massive Impact.

MHC understands that organizations need flexibility now and in the future as their needs and systems change. Automate with intelligent capture, web forms, and process automation. Eliminate paper and embrace the systematic automated approach of intelligent capture. Enforce controls via web forms and process automation to streamline and increase ROI.

Manage Communications Efficiently with
Document Capture Software

One of the most important parts needed to implement an enterprise content management program is a document capture solution. With the MHC web document management system, you can quickly turn imported and scanned documents into usable, readily available data. You too can enjoy easy e-document management from an all-in-one solution.

How Document Capture Works

The MHC document capture software effectively converts paper documents and digital files into electronic documents while simultaneously capturing data from those documents. Even better, the system offers multiple methods for ingesting documents, including the following:

  • Batch scanning capabilities, complete with barcode processing, image cleanup, and zonal optical character recognition (OCR) functions
  • Ability to scan directly to a folder
  • Ability to scan from multi-function devices
  • Ability to import files from a directory
  • Drag-and-drop option to move any file format to a folder
  • Auto-import function that automatically bursts and archives PDF files
  • DigiDoc automatic invoice data extraction and archival functions
  • Automatic archival of system generated files based on type
  • Drag and drop or scan supporting documentation to workflow tasks

Cloud-based AP Automation with

MHC NorthStar

MHC has a proven track record of providing AP solutions that will automate, refine, and expedite your process from invoice to pay. With our next-gen solution, MHC NorthStar, you can now utilize that same efficacy and efficiency regardless of where your AP team happens to sit. Process invoices from end-to-end, at scale, in a way that not only reduces late payments but increases potential early pay discounts. Set your sights for MHC NorthStar and navigate your AP team to process nirvana.


CONFIGURABLE WORKFLOWS: Spend less time waiting for an IT ticket to be completed. Take control by easily customizing your processes with drag & drop functionality.

CONTENT IS KING: Take control of what you put out into the world. Craft and generate high-impact documents with easy-to-use templates and edit capabilities.


FLEX WITH YOUR BUSINESS:  No longer be hit with additional fees as your staff requirements increase. MHC NorthStar offers platform access to unlimited users at no additional fee. 

the best

ENHANCED SUPPORT: MHC is proud to offer assistance from our expert team of customer service agents. Our ability to provide exceptional customer support will give you peace-of-mind.

Benefits of Capture-Enabled ECM

With other, more traditional ECM and document management solutions, employees have to manage digital and physical documents themselves, extracting and replicating data into the company database. This leaves too much room for error while simultaneously costing your company dearly in labor. With MHC’s electronic document capture software, this capture process is automatic, resulting in major benefits for your company’s processes:

Reduced Error

Whenever people are involved in copying data from one source to another, there is a potential for error. Whether it’s a simple typing mistake or a misunderstanding on the part of the employee, these mistakes can be costly to find and fix—especially when they have to do with customer and financial data. With an automatic document capture solution with data extraction capabilities, you minimize the human factor and the potential for error.

Saved Labor 

Not only does document capture software minimize error with scan and capture functions, it also minimizes human labor. Instead of having employees read and replicate document data, the content management program from MHC does it all automatically. Additionally, by providing employees with a complete digital document management system, you increase organization and expedite document retrieval time.

Improved Efficiency

With reduced error and labor, you can enjoy more streamlined business workflows and more efficient staff. MHC’s Enterprise Content Management System makes your business even more efficient by automating many document management and organization functions, letting you and your employees spend more time doing what you do best.


Get to Know MHC

Find out how you can combine and configure MHC’s solutions to automate your most critical processes and empower teams to meet their goals. 

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Learn More About Document Capture Today

MHC’s platform is designed to work for any business, allowing everyone to benefit from our incredible document management capabilities. Scalable, user-friendly, and platform-agnostic, our document management system integrates easily into any business framework regardless of your industry. Interested in learning more about how MHC helps businesses maximize their efficiency? See it in action yourself! We want every business to see how they can benefit from our services, so we offer a free, no-risk, no-obligation demonstration of what we can do. 

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