Right-Sized Content Management

MHC understands that every organization’s needs are different. We work with you to understand your business and design solutions that increase efficiency and productivity. 

Designed to Deliver Maximum Impact

MHC Software has helped organizations solve their challenges with purpose-built content management solutions for over 20 years. Long before it was trendy, our customers have been able to choose which content solutions they need without the expensive overhead of deploying an overly complex system that only addresses a fraction of their real need.

Any of these Challenges Sound Familiar?

Too Much Paper

Reduce the amount of paper and streamline processes with digital content management solutions.

Lost Documents

Does your team struggle with finding lost documents—paper or electronic? Why not consider adding digital content management to organize your ERP and filing cabinets.

Compliance Concerns

Are you facing compliance requirements around managing sensitive content such as account information or personal records? MHC’s content platform helps your organization remain compliant.

Long List of Audit Recommendations

Today’s complex audit landscape requires a content management platform that can flex to meet the demands of internal and external stakeholders to ensure your team can do their work more efficiently.

Slow & Expensive Manual Approvals

One of the greatest challenges is moving content through the approvals process. By implementing content management with workflow, the approvals process is intelligently routed to the approver and all steps are recorded.

Costly Banks & Consultants Fees

Are you tired of paying late fees to banks due to slow approvals and inefficient workflow? And the hundreds of hours spent on consultants that can’t seem to get you the traction you need? MHC can help!

Tailored, Personalized, Powerful.

MHC’s software and service solutions have been specifically engineered to help you personalize and accelerate your digital transformation journey. We enable a paperless world. We provide in-context content; share the content with employees, customers, vendors—really anyone who needs it when they need it.

We reduce your costs by leveraging technology like web forms, workflow, and OCR capture automation. With our flexible, dynamic content creation engine, we provide tools to transform your data into content from pay checks and purchase orders to W-2s and 1099s—all retained as digital images whether they were printed or not. We can digitally transform your data into any personalized content. And our powerful self-service solutions have been crafted to ensure intuitive, secure access to content all across your business ecosystem.


Get to Know MHC

Find out how you can combine and configure MHC’s solutions to automate your most critical processes and empower teams to meet their goals. 

Get to Know MHC whitepaper cover and preview

Your Business is Unique

Content creation

Precision-designed documents and transactions tailored to your internal and external audiences, delivered how and when the information is needed. MHC solutions aggregate data from one or more of your enterprise systems and transform the information into easy-to-read, actionable, and delivered content.


Your business is unique. MHC offers a variety of flexible features and functionality to capture your digital content, relate the digital content to the data in your business systems, and communicate beyond the boundaries of your business systems.


Transform your business system data into beautiful content and transactional data interfaced to your bank, employees, vendors, and beyond. Transform your paper and web forms into actionable digital content. Personalize and automate delivery and you have transformed your business and improved communication, transparency, efficiency, compliance, and productivity.

Service is our passion

We follow a very simple philosophy instituted by the company founders many years ago. Customer success is our #1 priority.

Our solutions are viewed or used by millions of users, including our customers’ customers, employees, and external partners. We appreciate the trust customers put in us to deliver content-related solutions that meet their objectives and represent their brand inside and outside their organizations.

Each phone call we answer, training session we host, solution we implement, and customer we serve is driven by our unrelenting passion to help our customers succeed.

OCR and Full-Text Search Software

Manage Scanned Documents with Ease

Making scanned documents searchable is a capability few document management tools offer, but with MHC we optimize it.

MHC’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Full-Text Search (FTS) capabilities, when coupled with IMS, our ECM solution, create a comprehensive search engine for your documents. Using the same search technology as today’s popular internet search engines, this system makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

MHC’s OCR solution supports image-to-text conversion, transforming images to PDF or text format while keeping the archived image in the original format. This capability allows you to use this text as searchable content for document searches.

Full-Text Search (FTS)

MHC’s full-text search solution allows businesses to search documents in such popular image formats such as scanned files, ZTIF, PNG, JPG, and more. When combined with OCR capabilities that convert scanned images to text or PDF, this system can even search image formats.

Full-Text Search Capabilities 

The incredible capabilities of MHC’s FTS solution feature vast search options, including:

  • Phrase searching options to finds specific word sequences (e.g. “due process of law”)
  • Boolean operators, including connectors like “and/or/not” to join words and phrases (e.g. “equal protection or civil rights”)
  • Proximity search options to find certain words or phrases within a set number of words of another word or phrase, signified by “w/#” (e.g. “apple pie w/38 peach pie”)
  • Phonic searching to find words that sound alike (e.g. a result of “Smythe” in a search for “Smith”)
  • Stemming function to find variations on endings (e.g. results for “applies,” “applied,” and “applying” in a search for “apply”)
  • Fuzzy searching option to find any documents containing words that are spelled similarly to the search word. The degree of similarity can be changed for each search.
  • Synonym searching option to find documents containing words that are synonyms for the search word (e.g. “benefits” in a search for “advantages”)
  • Numeric range searching to find any number between two numbers (e.g. 6 and 36)
  • Macro capabilities make it easy to include frequently used items in a search request Wildcard support allows you to hold single and multiple letter places (e.g. apples, applesauce in a search for “apple*”)

Integration Capabilities with MHC IMS

On top of the incredible search capabilities and optical character recognition for scanned documents, MHC IMS combines document management capabilities with full-text search capabilities to produce the best OCR software for your business. A few of the additional functions produced by this integration include:


Archival thresholds can be set according to document type, allowing the user to automatically process and archive high-accuracy documents while holding low-accuracy documents for manual review.


MHC IMS automatically narrows the search list to only the documents within your application area, subject, or document. This helps make your search results more immediately relevant to the task at hand.


MHC IMS security checks automatically block unauthorized users from viewing high-level documents. Their searches will be narrowed to role-based permissions and visibility, maintaining company security.


Documents can be viewed to display hits or in their original file format. Whatever device or screen size you’re using to carry on your quest, the results will be easily readable.

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