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MHC Functionalities Do the Work For You  

Workflow Process Automation

In the world of business, a good workflow equates to consistency and efficiency for your teams and departments. MHC’s Workflow Process Automation helps you achieve cohesive processes for your team by configuring rules, approvals, and escalations, plus it integrates with any of your existing workflow processes in your ERP, HCM, or other enterprise platforms.

Personalized Communications

If we tell the tale of two different customers, it’s likely that they each have specific preferences for their communications from your business. Customize your messaging to each customer down to language, personal information fields, and even tone of voice using the functionality of MHC’s Personalized Communications.

Omnichannel Communications

Evolve with the 22nd century by providing the full spectrum of communication options for your customers through Omnichannel Communications. When one customer prefers email and printed documents while another response best to SMS and messaging apps, you’ll deliver each message exactly the way the recipient wants to receive it.


If we begin to think about every single piece of content your business generates — emails, PDFs, invoices, statements, images, videos, logos, purchase orders, receipts — the potential for inconsistency and loss of version control grows to scary new heights. MHC’s content services organize every single piece, plus it helps you create, edit, publish and distribute down to the letter.


Transactions continue to go digital, and your customers find it far easier to complete an online form rather than printing something out only to fill it out and scan it right back in (if they even have a printer). MHC Web Forms will turn your manual, paper-based processes into efficient electronic forms designed to capture the content you need and generate resulting transactions automatically.


If your teams’ eyes and fingers are getting fatigued from manually entering data from incoming documents, give them a rest by allowing Document Capture to bring it all in. Through optical character recognition (OCR) and MHC’s BDA invoice processing solution, documents in any format are automatically entered into your enterprise systems.


Self-Service Document Delivery

Capitalize on today’s customer tendencies to control their own documents and information with Self-Service Document Delivery by MHC. Whether your current or former employees, vendors, suppliers, and contractors are the ones needing document access, you can provide a secure portal that stores and distributes their documents in real-time.


With customers today being used to tapping or clicking their way to a solution, standard “static” documents can feel boring and not worth their time to explore. By using MHC’s Smart Documents, your business can easily create interactive communications that work like a webpage, allowing your customers to guide themselves through every section and statement.

Financial Transactions

“Follow the money” is precisely what MHC’s Financial Transactions functionality accomplishes for your finance and accounting teams. Every transaction is processed and disbursed with accuracy. Options like ACH, positive pay, and even remote check printing are a breeze, simplifying the workload for your teams while tracking every cent.

Punchout Integrations

Make the online shopping experience seamless for your procurement team with the power of MHC’s Punchout Integration. Your buyers, your procurement system, and e-commerce sellers will benefit from seamless punchout integration provided by your business for every order and every transaction to keep your business equipped and running.

Correspondence Management

Do you know exactly who is sending communications to your customers and when? What if they aren’t using the correct company stationary or formatting? Correspondence Management by MHC takes the uncertainty out of your customer communications by organizing and enforcing your brand through templates, individual preferences, and accurate tracking of messages.

Batch Communications

When you need to send a document to the masses with maximum impact, Batch Communications by MHC acts as your business concierge for every message. Preferences, personalization, and pretty formatting are deployed to ensure that each recipient has a higher chance of engaging with what they receive from your company.  

On-Demand Communications

When you need to produce documents that are populated with your customers’ information, but in line with your templates, MHC’s On-Demand Document Production helps you generate them in real time. Whenever you or your customers need updated versions of their documents, with MHC EngageCX, these can be one click away.


MHC empowers business users to create and deploy communication templates without costly IT involvement. With MHC’s document template management software, company assets (such as branding and document fragments) are maintained in a central repository and automatically update across multiple templates to ensure a consistent customer experience.

Shipping and

Don’t let inventory become a balance sheet burden. Use MHC’s solutions for fulfillment documentation as well as creating damaged goods receipts. We can help you manage inventory fulfillment and management because we allow you to take as many photos as you need to document everything fully and create reports as soon as any inventory is used, shipped, or returned.

High Volume Document Production

Companies across all industries depend on efficient document production. In sectors like insurance, banking, or telecommunications, the challenges associated with high-volume document generation can be overwhelming. Having a robust solution in place enables businesses to relieve these pain points, but also to save time and money in the process.

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