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Drowning in templates? Generate and maintain clear, consistent documents with MHC Create.

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Creating consistent, compliant documents at scale is a challenge, particularly in industries that face frequent regulatory change. For organizations with thousands of templates to manage, even a small change requires time, effort and arduous approval processes.

Yet some companies still amend documents on a template-by-template basis, leaving them prone to inefficiency and the risk of costly errors.

Make More of Your Data with MHC Create

There’s a better way to take control of high-volume, critical template management. Think of MHC Create as your ‘set it and forget it, publishing engine, offering a better way to:

MHC Create aggregates multiple data sources, transforming the data to create a blended document with a familiar look and feel, and the formatting your teams need, when they need it. And thanks to what we fondly call “reusable chunks”, you can maintain consistent elements within templates (think headers and footers) for maximum efficiency. The overall number of templates is minimized, and teams’ time can be spent more productively.

We designed MHC Create to make life easier at any organization that handles and distributes large volumes of information on a daily basis. The end goal for anyone tasked with generating documents is clear: send the request, generate the correct response. With our solution, not just developers, but business users of all kinds get the response they need in the form of clear, accurate documents.

Making a simple change to a document template can be a labor-intensive process. When your enterprise is sending out several million documents annually, the cost of downtime for individual amends and reviews quickly adds up. With MHC Create, make one change, one time – and it auto-populates through every template. Job done.

MHC Create can help you create documents in multiple languages without having to create and maintain multiple templates for each language.

Data with MHC Create

Welcome to the most powerful, intuitive design tool on the market, wrapped up in a publishing engine that’s both familiar and easy to use.


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100% Accuracy Guaranteed

In highly regulated industries like healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing, a rogue double space can potentially cost tens of thousands of dollars.

MHC Create gives companies in these sectors, and more, the peace of mind to create documentation with absolute confidence, state by state. Just a few examples of the output MHC Create can help you master are:

Tax Documents


Explanation of Benefits Letters

Rundown of Insurance Coverage

Portfolio Statements

Checking Account Statements

Hospital Discharge Statements


And because MHC Create was developed fully in-house, we’ve got everything in one place – so you don’t need to go back and forth with legacy solution vendors to keep your templates up to standard and fully compliant over time.

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